Awnings with box - Types and Utilities

Cassette awnings are a type of extensible awning that is characterized by having a box, attached to the end that goes against the wall or ceiling, where it can be "completely stored without the canvas folding or spoiling" while not in use, that allows to extend the durability and disguise them very well, since they hardly take up space.

There are two fundamental types: the awning chests, which are completely closed, and the semicurned awnings, which only cover the upper part of the awning when it is picked up, since they are open at the bottom.

The awning support is made of aluminum. The materials of the fabric are mainly acrylic, PVC or others. Acrylic tarpaulins for awnings are the best option, effectively blocking the sun's rays and maintaining their original color for longer. PVC, on the other hand, does not resist heat as well, but it is the best alternative for rain, since it is totally impermeable. On the other hand, the durability of the materials with which the canvases are made, makes the colors better resist the sun and stay alive and bright longer.

The chest awning can be installed with vertical drop (used to delimit areas) or extendable awnings with horizontal exit chest with inclinations from ninety degrees, up to one hundred and fifty (very versatile use, hospitality, terrace of houses, garden, etc).

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