Awnings for Restaurant in Calpe


Work done in Calpe town, on the restaurant Iguana Beach, located on beach shore of Calpe, with privileged views.

Solar protection consist of flat awnings which brings shadow on the terrace.
Installing this kind of flat awnings we get a wide area of shadow, allowing the the opening and closing, even it is possible to be motorized and programmed, which give you an automatic system.

The aluminum used is lacquered on white color with Qualicoat quality which confers an extra resistance against oxidation in areas near the sea as in this case. The chosen fabric was an acrylic tarpaulin with guarantee against discoloration by the manufacturer of at least 8 years.

This kind of awning can be made with greater resistance against wind and rain, it would be necessary a preliminary study of the conditions that must be haved on mind and a specific design is projected for each place and needs of each client. In this way our clients obtain a perfect advice about which kind of awnings they needs.

We have an Engineering department which can study and design each particular case. One more reason to trust on Toldos Costa Blanca.

We manufacture and install Awnings for restaurants in Calpe, Denia, Moraira and the Marina Alta area. Contact us

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