Awnings for balconies or how to save energy during the summer months


Not everyone knows that an awning can reduce the temperature of a room by up to 5 ° C. A fact, that in addition to curious, supposes a verification of the energetic saving, with this reduction, and only one of the advantages of the awnings for balconies.

Reducing the temperature is a saving, since it will lead to less energy consumption by the air conditioners and will not even require any type of air conditioning. These are aspects that directly influence the invoices of light.
The balconies: one of the keys to energy saving

It is more than likely that you agree that saving is one of the goals of most households. A goal difficult to achieve, if you consider how the bill of light increases when you have to fight against heat or cold.

Now, when you are on the threshold of high temperatures, it is time to assess how to lower that consumption. How? Very simple: with the most basic and everyday measures, such as awnings.

In addition to the feeling of comfort offered by the awnings, they manage to lower the temperatures of the rooms considerably.
How to choose the perfect awning?

The professionals of the awning world will be the best advisors when choosing the color, the model and even the opening hours of these, once they are installed.

Another factor that will have to pay attention, once you have decided where to place the awning, is the model or mechanism, for example.
Vertical awnings or nautical box

What there is no doubt is that, in the face of that energy saving that is being talked about, the awnings for balconies are indispensable; when, as a rule, all the buildings, the halls and, therefore, the balcony areas are oriented towards the areas of more light. Rest areas, such as bedrooms, are usually oriented towards the darkest areas. The choice of model will depend on the type of balcony to be protected. Toldos Costa Blanca will advise you without obligation.

Vertical awnings, for example, will be perfect to create spaces protected from cold and heat. Elegant spaces and with different options, depending on the use that is going to be given to them.
Storm blind, straight or curved

These models are perfect for balconies. Two models of different awnings whose choice will depend on the verticality and style that is preferred in each case.
Curtain curtains

Both with windows and without them, are the models that close these awnings for balconies. Both, vertical fall systems suitable to protect and energy saving; as well as to isolate the spaces of the cold and the heat, to create atmospheres and to procure an unusual extension of spaces.

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