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More and more households are betting on a new concept of sustainability and efficiency linked to the consumption of supplies and energy. That is, more and more users are looking to replace traditional light and gas supplies, as we know them, with solar panels that help create a home that is respectful of the environment, while at the same time significantly reducing energy bills.

Little do current consumers know how the renewable energy market works, while they also do not know that some marketers have already integrated different tariffs that work to offer energy that comes from 100% renewable sources and that help create sustainable homes.

In the following article we will explain how to hire an electric tariff with 100% renewable energy.

How to hire an ECO electric rate?

To hire an electric tariff, either ECO or another, we recommend that the user use an electric and gas comparator. An electric comparator will help you know what electric rate to hire and how the market is today.

This online and free tool, the user can use it as many times as necessary and does not suggest any commitment to hire a fee. It is only a consultation tool that will help you know what rate adapts to the needs of your home, as well as helps you get in touch with the company, if required.

For the comparator to offer precise results, the user must provide a series of data, such as:

Place of residence.

Number of people living in the address.

Square meters of home.

Number of appliances

Type of electrical installation.

Once the data has been provided, the light comparator will do the rest and offer you the results of the best electric companies in the market. Based on the results, the user can contact the electricity and gas marketers to find that rate, including the ECO rates that offer the best results.

In case you want to install solar panels in your home, you should know that companies such as Iberdrola or Endesa, already have rates that already work with this type of facilities and that help the user not to worry about anything. They should only make responsible consumption of energy, and promote a sustainable home.

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