​7 reasons to install extensible awnings


Would you like to install an awning on the balcony of your apartment but don't want to lose sight when you have it on? We have the solution to that problem!

Extensible awnings are the perfect option to protect our home from the sun rays, providing a great luminosity and, without having to stop to see the environment that surrounds us.

How is this possible? Stay tuned and you will discover all the advantages that the installation of extensible awnings can provide you in your home!

At Toldos Costa Blanca, we have more than 40 advising our clients on the most suitable option for each case of installation of awnings in Alicante, especially in cities such as Denia, Javea, Benissa, Altea or Moraira. That's why we want you to know all the benefits of extensible awnings before you make a decision.

Once you know them, you will see that they are a great option and you will not want another type of awning in your apartment!

Advantages of extensible awnings

Retrench of space

This system is characterized in that the awning leaves the wall and its arms support the entire structure. Rolling awnings with extensible arms, which means that as the awning folds, the arms are collected at the same time, without any element remaining outside.

This means, that the awning we fully collected, without occupying hardly space in our facade.


In this type of awnings, the supports can be anchored in different places of the wall or the ceiling, giving to our system of protection great stability.


In extensible awnings of the monoblock type, the anchorage system is composed of a bar and supports specially designed to be attached to the wall or to the ceiling, and at the same time to support a bar that supports the arms that will support the system.

By being able to place as many arms as we need, besides stability, they give us greater security.


Because they are only attached to the ceiling or wall, the extensible awnings give a visual sense of cleanliness and elegance.


In Toldos Costa Blanca, we have multitude of versions of this type of awnings, being able to reach these the 7 meters of width and 5,10 of extension.

You can choose height, width, color, fabrics, complements and a long etcetera.


There is the possibility of operating its operation by an engine, depending on the needs of each user.


At the time of customization, you can also choose the angle of inclination that you want your extensible awning.

We can offer you up to an angle of 80 degrees, although the installation of this type of awnings at 0 degrees is discouraged, with the minimum incline recommended 14 degrees.

Now that you know the advantages, surely the extensible awnings have not let you down, right? Contact us through 966 845 800 or via email at: info@toldoscostablanca and we will help you choose the most suitable for your circumstances.

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