10 tricks to varnish outdoor wooden furniture

In today's article we tell you 10 tricks to varnish exterior wood. With these tips, your garden furniture will look just as good as the awning you have installed.

Exterior wooden furniture maintenance

Due to its great resistance and durability, wood is a perfect material for making indoor and outdoor furniture.

Of course, in order for the outdoor wooden furniture to remain in perfect condition and retain its beauty, it is necessary to carry out annual maintenance and continuous cleaning.

Moisture, dust, dirt, sunlight, pollution ... are factors that affect its durability. Regular cleaning with a cloth slightly dampened with water and mild soap is essential.

In addition, once a year it is advisable to apply protective varnish that allows to extend the useful life of the exterior wood.

Tips for varnishing exterior wood

The 10 tricks that we give you below are very useful so that the result is better and longer lasting.

Brush choice

It is important that you choose the correct brush to apply the varnish. Our advice is that you choose a suitable size for the surface to be painted and that it is a resistant brush that does not lose hair so that they are not embedded in the wood.

Materials selection

What varnish to choose

The choice of varnish or paint to apply is very important. You can opt for water-based, waxed or alcohol-based varnishes. Those that contain alcohol base give a more brilliant result, the others more natural.

Varnishes in darker tones protect your outdoor furniture more from the negative effects of sunlight.

Prepare the work area

Before getting down to business, prepare your work area. If you are going to varnish indoors, ensure proper ventilation.

Cover the floor where you are going to varnish with plastic, cardboard or an old cloth that prevents stains.

Protect yourself with gloves and a mask

It is important to protect your hands with gloves and wear a mask and protective glasses to avoid accidents. These jobs involve the use of chemicals that you must handle with caution.

Sanding the exterior wood

The first step is to sand the exterior wood furniture. This sanding allows a better stripping result.

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Apply the stripper

If the wood has already been painted or has a previous varnish, before repainting or varnishing you should apply a stripper that removes old paints. For the product to work properly, you should avoid applying it in high winds or on sunny days.

 Primer for optimal results

Once the old paints have been removed and the stripper remains cleaned, it is very useful to apply primer filler. This product prevents the wood from absorbing the varnish. With it you get a higher performance of the paint. Pay special attention to the corner areas.

Varnishing the exterior wood

Make sure to apply the varnish in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Also avoid wetting the brush excessively. The passes must be uniform.


For an optimal result, several layers of varnish or paint are needed. It is necessary that after each coat you let the paint dry before applying the next one.

Sun protection with awning

Once the work is done it is important to protect your outdoor wooden furniture from direct sunlight. The best option is to unfold your awning at peak times. This will prevent the sun's rays from aging the wood and damaging the furniture.

One extra tip: always follow the manufacturer's instructions before applying stripper, primer, and varnish or paint.

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