Terrace enclosures: connect your home to the outside

With terrace enclosures you can take advantage of this space all year round, while adding useful meters to your home or business. In addition, you enjoy many other advantages that we describe below.

Benefits of terrace enclosures

Closing your terrace, porch, balcony ... allows you to enjoy these spaces all year round and not have them wasted or as a simple ornament.

Your home or business is revalued with an enclosure. By adding useful meters to be able to explode.

In addition, a terrace enclosure offers you other great advantages:

  • Climate protection. With an awning to close your terrace, you can isolate your home from excess sun, rain, air ... and enjoy this space despite adverse or hot weather situations.
  • Energy saving. By protecting your home from heat, rain, cold, you reduce energy consumption. Your home stays cool in summer without the need for air conditioning and warm in winter without using heating.
  • Isolate outside sounds. By closing your terrace you get not only good climate insulation, you also avoid annoying street noises.
  • Less mess. With an enclosure you prevent dust, dirt, bad smells from the outside from entering your home or business.
  • Greater privacy. If you choose an enclosure, you avoid the prying eyes of your neighbours.

Awnings to close your terrace or balcony

When closing your terrace or balcony you can choose different types of enclosures. The cost will depend, among other factors, on the quality of the materials (structure, canvases, panels, ...), the meters to be closed, the works required for their installation, the accessibility to the home, the extras to add, the design , finishes ...

You can choose between different types of awnings or terrace enclosures. Here we detail the most demanded ones.

Metal terrace enclosures

You can close your terrace with enclosures made of metallic materials such as aluminum, stainless steel. Its price is lower than glass enclosures.

This type of structure has an industrial aesthetic and offers great security to your home or business. They are perfect for closing terraces of low-rise homes.

Glass terrace enclosures

In this category we find fixed or folding glass enclosures. Those with fixed panels are cheaper, but offer less functionality than those with folding panels.

The glass enclosures stand out for their elegance and modern design. They match perfectly in any space, without detracting from the view or light of the rooms. In addition, they can be combined with high quality and design traditional carpentry.

If you opt for folding glass panels, the cost is higher, but you can open and close the terrace whenever you want and they are more accessible when cleaning.

cerramientos de cristal

Nautical awnings

This type of protection structures are cheaper. Its main advantage is that you can open the terrace whenever you want and quickly.

Thanks to the fact that they have an automatic mechanism for setting and collecting them, you can open or close the parts of the awning separately: roof, sides, front.

For example, you can slide the top awning and leave the sides open. Enjoying the shade and the drafts on the hottest days.

At Toldos Costa Blanca we offer you terrace enclosures with high quality nautical awnings at a good price. We manufacture them to measure and you can customize them 100%.

Bioclimatic pergolas to close spaces

The functionality of bioclimatic pergolas allows you to choose them as enclosure structures for terraces.

The bioclimatic pergolas consist of motorized slats fixed to a highly resistant metal structure. As the slats are adjustable, you can orient them to achieve the best climate protection that allows you to maximize energy savings in your home.

This type of enclosure stands out for its quality, elegance and avant-garde design.

Add the extras you need to your terrace enclosure

At Toldos Costa Blanca we offer you a wide variety of extras that you can add to the awnings to close your terrace. With these extras the durability of the enclosures increases and improves their functionality.

Choose the colour you want to lacquer your enclosure structures. We have all the colour options in the RAL range, including the natural wood effect.

You can automate the operation of the enclosure awnings, add sensors for light, wind, rain, LED lights, heating.

Enclosure of terraces for restoration

If you are interested in closing the terrace of your restaurant business in order to expand your orders, we have great options at your disposal.

An enclosure of the terrace of your restaurant allows you to give a great service and comfort to your customers. Expand the tables and turn your terrace into a pleasant place for your guests.

We help you choose the best type of enclosure adapted to your business and location

Terrace enclosure works carried out by Toldos Costa Blanca

During our more than 40 years of experience we have carried out various works of terrace enclosures both in homes and businesses. We show you some of these finished projects.

Enclosure with awnings in campsites

  • Expansion of space in a camping plot in Catral with its corresponding enclosure. Made with curtain awnings and PVC structure
  • Enclosure work in a Benidorm campsite. White lacquered 80 × 40 aluminium frame construction to support acrylic canvases. On the roof we installed pergolas with lateral opening, in the central part curtains with a window and door and on the side curtains with a window on the right and on the left without a window for greater privacy..

On restoration terraces

  • Enclosure with curtains with low-shrinkage plastic window. With a checkered design, with vertical drop and manual mechanism in a restaurant in Orihuela Costa.
  • Fixed awnings to close a restaurant in Benidorm. The upper part is made of PVC coated polyester to ensure waterproofing. The sides of window curtains anchored with screws to facilitate disassembly.

In homes to enjoy outdoor spaces all year round

  • Enclosure with sandwich panels of insulating material that perfectly resists environmental conditions. This type of enclosure is perfect for spaces with jacuzzi like the one made in Altea.

We advise you without obligation

At Toldos Costa Blanca we want your terrace enclosure to be perfect and meet your objectives. Therefore, our technicians and protection experts personally study your case to offer you the best solution.

We take care of the entire process: study and realization of the plans, preparation of the project, manufacture of the enclosure and its subsequent work and installation.

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