How to extend the life of your awning with good maintenance

Good maintenance ensures you enjoy your awning longer. In this article we give you tips on how to take care of your awning so that its durability is greater.

How long does an awning last?

The durability of an awning depends on several factors: quality of materials, types of anchoring, weather conditions, good maintenance...

As a general rule, the most fragile element is the canvas. It usually has a useful life of five years. After this time you must renew the fabric

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Awnings maintenance

The maintenance of an awning is very simple. It is important that you follow the instructions for use marked by the manufacturer or the installation company.

Protect it from the weather

Adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, cold, wind, sunlight) adversely affect the awning. It is essential to protect it from them.

There are elements that facilitate this protection. Among them are:cassette, semi cassette or canopy awnings.

In addition to these systems, it is important to follow the advice that we give you below.

  • Fold it with wind

In case of wind it is better to fold the awning. A strong gust of wind can tear the canvas or break the anchors of the awning.

Toldos Costa Blanca sun protection systems are manufactured and installed in compliance with the standards of the UNE EN 13561 standard regarding wind resistance.

  • Avoid getting wet

Moisture is another factor that reduces the durability of your awning. It is important to prevent the canvas or fabric of the awning from getting wet. In case of rain forecast, fold the awning so that it does not get wet.

If you have not been able to prevent the awning from getting wet, do not fold it up until it is dry. If you roll up the canvas when it is wet, the humidity will cause the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold that damage the canvas.

In addition, you must be vigilant so that the water does not accumulate or pool. The weight can break the tarp or canopy.

How to clean an awning

Regular cleaning of the awning enhances its durability.

It is important to remove dust and dirt from all areas of the awning. To do this, use a cloth slightly dampened in a mixture of water and neutral soap. Avoid making the water too hot and don't use chemicals. To clean the canvas you can use a brush.

In case of stains, act as quickly as possible to make it easier to remove dirt.

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In the event of any problem, do not force the awning

In case you detect a fault in the awning: strange noises, the opening or closing mechanisms do not work, do not insist or force the awning. Contact the installation company and wait for a technician to check the awning.

Don't skip the reviews

In addition to a good maintenance of the awnings, it is important to carry out all the periodic reviews that the manufacturer or installer marks. With these reviews, flaws are detected and breakdowns that can become irreparable are avoided.

Certificate of guarantee

When you install an awning, always choose an installation company that offers you guarantees.

At Toldos Costa Blanca all sun protection items have a minimum two-year warranty from the date of installation. Our warranty certificate covers all manufacturing defects.

If you are interested in installing an awning that offers you quality and durability, contact Toldos Costa Blanca and receive the personalized advice you deserve.

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