When is the time to renovate an awning?


Have you ever installed an awning on the terrace of your home? Don't you know how much time you should renew it? We tell you!

First of all, the duration of your awning will depend mainly on the use you give it. If you only use it in the summer months, its longevity will be much greater than if you do it during all times of the year.

However, if your protection system is well maintained and you practice a series of steps for proper maintenance, they can last up to 10 years.

In Toldos Costa Blanca we are experts in the manufacture and installation of awnings throughout the province of Alicante, especially in cities like: Orihuela, Torrevieja, Santa Pola, Benidorm or Villajoyosa.

Don't know how to clean and maintain your awning? Here are some tips!

Tips for maintaining and cleaning an awning

Brush the canvas

Although the canvas of your awning doesn't have any stain, it is advisable to brush it regularly, like the rest of the parts of your protection system. This will avoid accumulations of dust that, in the long run, could damage it.

Clean stains quickly

In the case that there are spots, it's very important that we remove them as soon as possible. How can we do it? Simply with cold or warm water, a mild soap and a brush. Do not use detergents or soaps that contain bleach or products that can easily damage your awning.

Wait for it to dry

If your awning is wet, either because of the rain or because you just cleaned it, you should let it dry before rewrapping it, otherwise it will rust.

Don't force it

Do not force your awning in case you encounter any obstacle or impediment when closing it. Call a professional to see what problem your awning has. Never try to fix it for yourself!

Follow the user manual

At Toldos Costa Blanca we always provide a user manual with the installation of each awning. Follow the instructions that we indicate and if you have any doubts about any of them, do not hesitate to contact us.

Periodic reviews

It's very important that you do not miss the periodic reviews, since that is where normally the potential problems that your awning can be detected before they become irreparable.

Do you think it's time to renovate your awning? Contact us through 966 845 800 or via email at info@toldoscostablanca.com and we will help and advise you in choosing your new protection system.

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