Awnings with Invisible Arms

If you're looking to shield your outdoor space without compromising its aesthetics, at Toldoscostablanca we are pleased to offer you the awnings with invisible arms. These awnings stand out for their innovative design that hides the support arms when the awning is extended, providing a much more aesthetic appearance with a clean and streamlined look. Awnings with invisible arms are the perfect choice for those who value both the functionality and appearance of the space where they want to install the awning.

Do you have questions about our awnings with invisible arms? We're here to help!

How do awnings with invisible arms work?

Awnings with invisible arms operate with a mechanism that allows the support arms to be concealed when the awning is extended, without sacrificing its performance and being as durable and resistant as other types of awnings.

Do awnings with invisible arms require any special maintenance?

Although these types of awnings are robust and durable, we recommend regular cleaning to maintain their functionality intact. This includes cleaning and lubricating the retraction mechanisms to ensure smooth operation.

Where can I install awnings with invisible arms?

Awnings with invisible arms can be adapted in any space since they are versatile. They are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

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