Electric Awning Comforts

Tired of raising and lowering the awning manually? Install a motor in your awning and forget about complicated accessories to open and close the awning such as cranks. If you are thinking of putting a new one, electric awnings are very comfortable and easy to handle. We will tell you about it in this article.

Main characteristics of electric awnings

The main difference between conventional and electric awnings is the motor. Virtually all types of awnings can be motorized. With this, many advantages are obtained that we will see later.

Electric awnings have a motor that automates their operation. This motor is located inside the winding tube to automatically activate its opening and closing. It is not in sight.

All motors include the limit switches that mark the point where the opening or closing must end. These limit switches can be manual or electronic, the mechanical ones being the longest and safest.

The structure and the canvas of the electric awning is exactly the same as the manual ones. They can be placed on ceilings, walls and overhangs. They only need an electrical outlet point. There are even batteries.

Motorized awning systems

Depending on the way to operate the opening and closing mechanism, we can distinguish between electric awnings with pushbuttons and remote systems.

For electric awnings that work with a push button or switch, it is necessary to wire from the motor to the push button. They are models that are almost disappearing and giving way to the remote-controlled engine.

Remote control systems do not require wiring. Its operation is done by means of a wireless remote control. In both models the opening and closing can be programmed.

Electric awnings for home automation

In all cases, a series of extras can be added that further automate handling and increase the durability of electric awnings. Rain, wind and light sensors can be installed that collect or open the awning depending on the weather conditions.

Within the motorized awnings we find those that adapt to domotized houses. These motors are perfectly integrated in this type of housing and allow their activation by programming or from the voice assistant.

Advantages of motorized awnings

Having seen the different systems of electric awnings, it is time to talk about their advantages.

toldos motorizados

Like conventional awnings, electric awnings provide:

  • Climatic protection
  • Privacy and intimacy
  • Energy saving
  • Avoid the wear and tear of outdoor furniture
  • Take advantage of outdoor spaces for longer

To these advantages must be added comfort. To handle them you do not need to use any force. The engine takes care of making the effort for you.

Motorized awnings with quality guarantee

From Toldos Costa Blanca we recommend that you opt for this type of awnings and that their installation is carried out by professionals. With this you ensure greater durability and avoid breakages or breakdowns.

Toldos Costa Blanca electric awnings are certified and comply with the EUROPEAN SAFETY REGULATIONS UNE EN 13561 (CE marking)

In addition, we have installation technicians with many years of experience and in continuous training so that the work carried out is perfect.

If you are interested in installing a quality electric awning in your home, request a free quote. We help and advise you on what you need.

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