What is a side awning?

Do you need an awning to protect you from prying eyes? Install a side awning on your balcony, terrace or garden and get the privacy you are looking for. In addition, it protects you from the sun and heat.

How is a side awning

Side awnings are a type of vertical awnings whose shape is reminiscent of screens that are used to delimit spaces. As their name suggests, they are awnings designed to be installed on the sides of outdoor spaces.

They can be fixed or deployable, have or not have guides and be installed with fasteners to the ceiling, wall, or floor. They can also be manual or motorized.

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Side awning elements

Like all awnings, this type of protection has the structure or frame and the protective canvas or fabric from the sun.

The structure can be made of plastic, metal, wood...

The canvas is usually polyester, acrylic or micro-perforated.

The other elements of the side awnings vary depending on the model.

  • They can include the box where the canvas is stored when folded. It protects the fabric from dirt and extends its durability.
  • The fasteners, supports and screws depend on the type of anchor that the side awning has.
  • The engine to automate its operation.

If need it, a series of extras can be included: lights, canvases with designs and colours to your liking, remote control to operate the motor...

The functions of a side awning

The lateral protection architectures stand out for their great functionality and for being easy to install. They are suitable for all types of outdoor spaces: balconies, gardens, terraces, restaurants, shops...

With a side awning you get great benefits:

  • Privacy: Avoid prying eyes from neighbours. With a side awning your privacy is assured.
  • Sun protection: they protect you from the sun's rays that hit the side and prevent the deterioration of your furniture and decorative elements located outside.
  • Reduction of energy consumption: by minimizing the heat that enters your home, spending on electronic air conditioning equipment or fans is reduced.
  • To delimit areas: as if it were a screen, a side awning allows you to create different outdoor environments.
  • Enjoy your balcony all year round: If you choose models with waterproof canvases, you can comfortably sit on your balcony without getting wet on rainy days.
  • Design: they are one more decorative element of your garden, terrace, balcony.

Order your custom side awning at Toldos Costa Blanca

Being manufacturers, at Toldos Costa Blanca we give you the option of acquiring your side awning with measures adapted to the needs of your space. In addition, you can customize it with the extras and designs you want.

At Toldos Costa Blanca we take care of the entire manufacturing and installation process. Our technicians come to your home and take the necessary measurements to offer you the best protection and privacy solution for you. Of the highest quality and at the best price.

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