How to install an awning for your window?

You are thinking of installing an awning for your window. In this article we explain how to do it step by step. You can do it yourself or contact Toldos Costa Blanca and hire our professional services with certified quality and safety guarantees.

Installing an awning on a window is a task that requires certain technical knowledge and skill in the use of specialized tools. If you are skilled in this type of work, it will not be very difficult. If not, our advice is to leave it in the hands of accredited professionals.

How to install an awning on your window. Step by Step

If you have decided to install an awning for your window without resorting to expert installers, we will explain how to do it step by step.

Window measurement

The first step is to take the necessary steps to install an awning on your window. This measurement depends on the structure of the window.

  • Boxed window in the facade: you must measure the width, length and depth.
  • Unboxed Window: Take measurements of the width and length.

Toldos de punto recto o curvos

Choosing the most suitable awning for your window

Once you have made the measurements above, it is time to choose the awning to install on your window.

There are different types of window awnings on the market. You must take into account in your choice the orientation of the window and its exposure to the winds.

Window awnings are elements of solar protection. Its installation prevents the direct entry of light and heat into your home. In this way, you get a cooler home without the need to resort to electronic systems. In addition to gaining privacy.

Types of window awnings

Among the types of window awnings most used and installed in homes we find:

  • Canopy Awnings: they are ideal for small windows. Its shape can be square or semi-curved. They stand out for their striking aesthetics. You can choose between fixed or mobile.
  • Articulated arm awnings: they are for large windows. Its arms extend or fold as the awning canvas or fabric unfolds or rolls up, respectively. They can be tilted at a right angle of 90 degrees. You can choose with motor or without motor.
  • Box awnings: they are distinguished by the box anchored to the facade. This canvas protection allows that when the fabric is folded, it is hidden and protected. This way the canvas lasts longer and is kept in better condition.
  • Straight point awnings: these are awnings that have a straight arm and allow the awning to be deployed to the extent of the arm. They start to unfold from the top of the window. They can also be motorized.
  • Railing awning or stor arm: it is installed on the top and when it is finished unfolding its arms are anchored to the railing of the window. It is designed more for balconies than for windows. Protects from the sun while allowing you to enjoy the views.

toldos para ventanas

Prepare the tools

These are some of the tools you need to install the awning on a window: ladder, drill, leveler, hammer, screwdriver, special keys (allen, elbow, ratchet ...), measuring tape, marking pencil...

Follow the manufacturer's assembly instructions

Once you have bought the awning for your window and have the tools at hand it is time to begin the installation of the awning on your window. You may need someone else to do it.

Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer or distributor of the awning very carefully. Do not forget to perfectly fix and adjust the anchors and supports of the structure and the canvas.

Take the necessary safety measures to work safely. Protect your hands with gloves, wear protective glasses and the necessary measures required by working at height.

Contact window awning professionals

If after reading this article you consider that you should leave the installation of the awning for your window in expert hands contact Toldos Costa Blanca and we will make you a budget without obligation.

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