What is the best fabric for an awning?

Three types of fabric are mainly used in the manufacture of awning fabrics: polyester, acrylic or micro-perforated. In today's post we tell you which is the best fabric for an awning.

Types of fabric for an awning

The canvas is the part of the awning that has the shortest useful life. Depending on the material, its minimum useful life is about five years.

They can be made of different types of fabric, although the most used for their quality, resistance and protection against the sun are polyester, acrylic or micro-perforated fabrics.

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Polyester canvas for awnings

Polyester is a synthetic fiber obtained from petroleum. It was discovered in 1830. As it is a highly resistant resin, it has many uses (fashion, footwear, paintings, plumbing…). It is a waterproof fabric.

It is widely used in the awning manufacturing sector due to its resistance to weather conditions and chemicals. It is one of the most economical price canvas with a very good value for money.

Polyester canvases provide less thermal protection, so they are more suitable for areas with cooler, rainier climates. In addition, the sun's rays discolour and wear them more easily. To increase their durability you can protect them by choosing a cassette, semi cassette or canopy type awning.

They are not as durable as acrylic or micro-perforated.

Awnings with acrylic canvas

Acrylic fabrics are also made from synthetic fibers. They are obtained from acrylonitrile, a compound that was discovered in 1893. Their appearance resembles wool.

This type of fabric is of higher quality than polyester. This quality is reflected in the price that is somewhat higher.

They are fabrics that offer high sun protection and do not wear excessively in sunlight. They are perfect for sunny climates.

As a drawback, it must be said that acrylic canvases are not waterproof, although they can get wet. In this case, installing a rain sensor on the awning makes the canvas protected and lasts longer. You can also choose to choose a resin-treated acrylic canvas that is waterproof.

Micro-perforated awning fabrics

Micro-perforated fabrics are the most technically advanced fabrics. They are very durable, but their price is higher.

This type of tarpaulin is made with a polyester or fiberglass base that is covered with PVC. This increases its durability and resistance to the sun. They are waterproof and very resistant to humidity.

With the micro-perforated canvases you get maximum energy efficiency. Its great breathability offers a greater sensation of freshness. It is perfect for very hot areas.

What colour to choose for your awning

The choice of the type of fabric for your awning depends on several factors: budget, specific needs (waterproofing, greater protection, durability), quality.

In addition to the choice of fabric, it is important to consider the colour. In a previous post we talked about what colour to choose for your awning. You can read it in the following link. "What colour to choose"

At Toldos Costa Blanca we recommend that you always choose a fabric that guarantees a minimum 90% protection against UV and infrared rays from the sun. We remember that the main function of an awning is sun protection.

All of our awnings comply with this sun protection guarantee. Ask for a quotation without obligation for your awning or to renew the canvas.

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