Types of awnings for my terrace


It has already come summer! And with it, the best temperatures to enjoy our terrace.

What's the problem? That if we don't have an awning installed, we can't enjoy this place of our home as long as we would like, because when the sun comes full, the weather becomes too hot, especially in places like Denia, Altea, Moraira, Benissa or Javea.

Don't know what types of awnings fit your terrace better? Keep reading!

There are a lot of awnings specially designed for the sun protection of terraces and balconies, but before choosing the model that best fits with the design of your home, you must take into account some factors to get you the right awning.

Aspects to choose between types of awnings

Firstly, if you live in a community of owners, you have to follow a series of steps before performing the installation. Don't know which? Here we tell you!

In addition, we must know the climatic conditions of the place where we live. If you need to install your awning in Alicante, we can help you with that!

Once we know these aspects, we are ready to choose between the different types of awnings.

Most common types of awnings for terraces and balconies

Vertical awnings

It is a vertical drop awning system that can carry transparent plastic window.

In addition, its use can be combined to obtain different types of environment, both in winter and in summer.

Awnings for windows

These types of awnings are ideal for places where the breeze is strong, because its tensioning system allows the wind doesn'tt make it stagger and remain as stable as possible.

You can choose between single or double fall, in which in the first case will reach up to 90 ° inclination, while in the second can reach up to 150 °.


It is one of the most common types of awnings that exist. Ideal to install on the balconies of buildings, as it has two arms that are attached to the railing, in turn, grabbing the loading bar to the railing.

It can be placed in two different positions, vertical or with an open angle, whose opening depends on the size of the bars.

Extensible awnings

It is similar to the previous model, but its difference is in the supports.

These can be anchored on both the wall and the ceiling, and as many anchors as are required for fastening can be used.

Have you already decided on any of them? Contact us via 966 845 800 or via email at: info@toldoscostablanca.com and we will help you with the choice!

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