Protect your garden from the sun in style: shade sails

The good weather arrives and with it our gardens are filled with life. The gardens and terraces once again become the protagonists of the season: the crowded outdoor spaces are already beginning to be seen and we look for any excuse to hang out in the gardens or terraces of our houses. However, high temperatures and sun exposure can play bad passes, from sunstroke to burns. That is why it is essential to consider the installation of a shade sail, our best ally at this time of the year.

Protection against the sun in our garden or terrace is not at odds with creating a stylish space. The fabrics, in combination with the appropriate furniture and natural elements, such as plants or trees, will give a unique air to this place where you will spend so many good times during these long seasons of good weather. In addition, if you have a swimming pool, it is also a great option to create a space where you can keep refreshed, and where to make a large part of your social life.

The best protection against the sun

The shade sail is a type of awning that is highly recommended to protect both sun and rain and other adverse weather conditions. It has many advantages and it is one of the most sought after facilities for gardens and terraces. But its advantages are not only functional: there are incredible designs ideal to accompany the decoration of the most sophisticated houses.

Their combination with different types of garden decoration is very simple, since they are a very stylish type of awning, which according to their typology even result in pieces reminiscent of architectural spaces

Maritime style

The name of this type of awning is not accidental: its eminently triangular style reminds of the sails of the ships, there is no doubt that the world of the sea is the great inspiration when making the design of these elements.

But it is not necessary to live on the coast to enjoy these awnings in our garden. Any sea lover can include this cover in the decoration of their home to give a nautical touch and enjoy the aesthetic advantages of avant-garde inspiration.

Composition and versatility

However, the shade sail has many more advantages, in addition to being an element that protects these spaces from the sun, as well as being decorative. For example, being a modular awning, it is very easy to make the compositions that best adapt to the space we have or our personal aesthetic taste.

Creating games of light and shadow overlapping this type of screens is very simple and this allows you to create very elegant sets, but also protect all corners of the terrace or garden. In addition, they do not depend on a wall on which to stand, so they can be placed anywhere exempt.

The perfect conjunction between aesthetics and functionality

As we have already advanced, the class and sophistication of these awnings are accompanied by an excellent ability to protect your garden from the sun. The shade sails can be installed so that they take into account the orientation of sunlight and also the direction of the wind, creating unmatched protection.

The materials in which this type of awnings are constructed absorb almost all UV rays. In addition, the screen surface does not overheat easily, so it always casts a pleasant shadow under which to shelter.

Combining them in a space set with certain types of furniture and with natural elements, such as plants, you will be able to create a unique garden in which you will want to spend much of the time.

If you have already decided to install a shade sail on your terrace, do not forget to contact Toldos Costab Blanca to make a thorough study of your space to get the awning that best suits the characteristics of your home. Enjoy your summer now with no more worries than having fun.

In Toldos Costa Blanca you can find the best awnings for the home. Visit our website and find the shade sail that best suits your needs, to help you build that outdoor space you want in your home.

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