Awning veranda on your restaurant. Advantages of installing one.



Did you just opened a restaurant in Alicante province? Now that the Christmas is coming, are you thinking about the clients will wants to be inside of your local, because you don't have an open place? Please, leave us to help you, we have the solution to that problem!

December is a month which is fully covered with holidays, where the people like to leave their houses going to enjoy our gastronomy, bars, and restaurants.

Is true that this time the weather some times it makes the customer decide don't go to enjoy the terraces, but some restaurant change this situation to their own benefit, because they have the proper means to get their heated terrace. But how do they do it? Normally they use a awning veranda!

This is an easy task, it is solved just installing an awning veranda, to create a closed space to protect the customer from the water and to can place some heaters.

On Toldos Costa Blanca we have more than 40 years designing, producing and installing awnings for private persons or restaurants in all over the Alicante province.

With this post we´d like to tell you some advantages you have installing an awning veranda in your restaurante, but on the next posts, we'll let yo know all the benefit of each awning we have in our catalogue for catering business.

Advantages off an awning veranda for restaurante.

A veranda is an open gallery with pillars, on many cases it is roofed gallery.

This kind of awning, in addition it allow us to install it under a cristal roof or polycarbonate, so if your terrace its an interior one and roofed, the awning veranda could be used to protect to your customers from the hot weather and sun rays over the summer months.

Now that we know what is an awning veranda, we´ll tell you the benefit that this one will give to you.


The awning veranda is one of the weather protection system most versatile, because this protect us from the rain and solar rays. So, our clients could enjoy of our terraces while all over the year season.

Heat Insulate.

The main function of an awning veranda is insulate the people from heat in summer. This is because, between the fabric and the enclosure or roof, there is and space which allow the air comes through that.


From Toldos Costa blanca, we offer you the possibility of install on this awning, an domotic element to can open and close is using a remote control, or even to configure it to do it automatically.


You can chose between the different kind of fixation, we recommend to thing about the features of your terrace. This owning can be fixed to the flor, roof or wall.

In addition fo the features said above, you will can chose the colore, fabric kind or inclination, etc.

Do you think now that the awning veranda is the correct option for your restaurant? ¡So please don't hesitate to contact us co can advise you! You can do it calling us to 966 845 800 or sending an email to:

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