Awning for terrace, Which one is the most elegant? Santa Pola


Which awning is the most elegant for your terrace?

Are you looking for an awning that in addition to protect you from the sun and weather, it gives to you a different style to your home? Toldos Costa Blanca can help you!

There are big quantities of different kind of awning, forms and colors. This is because all of us we have different needs and particular and specific preferences.

An awning is a protection system which one is going to stay by you while many year if you know how to take care of it. So you don't have to see just the kind of shadow or the resistance to the weather it will give to you, but rather you must see some stetic features, to get that it fit perfectly to your preferences and your home appearance.

On Toldos Costa Blanca, we have more than 40 year of experience designing, producing and installing all kind of awnings in Alicante province, specifically in Santa Pola, Alicante, Albir, Altea, Benidorm, Villajoyosa, Torrevieja. Because of that, we know perfectly each and every one of the awning in the market.

We´d like to tell you which ones we think are the most elegant awnings:

Elegant awnings for terrace.

Sails of shadow.

It is a very high resistance and protection awning against the UV rays, which one can be installed over any surface.

It is totally personalizable, having the possibility to choose the tarpaulin, forms, and differents heigths, etc.

So, as you have the possibility to chose practially all the features of your sail for shadow, you will design a high quality awning, in line with your preferences and personal style.


These are one of the most versatile awning on the market, as it can be adaptable to any surface, like the before model.

In addition, the posibilities of this kind of awning are practically unlimited, we can chose differents model: pergolas with 4 pickets, pergola between walls, etc.

Toldos de Veranda.

This kind of awning veranda, allow us to place it under a cristal or polycarbonate roof.

It is an innovative system, because it allow us to open or roll up it remotelly, blocking the solar rays and protecting us from the weather when we want, by an easy way.

Even, it can be intalled with a domotic element, that allos the opening and closing automatically.

Do you know now which kind of awning you think will be better for your home? Please, don´t hesitate to conact us! You cna call us at 966 845 800 or send us an email at:

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