What to install at home? Wooden or aluminium pergola?

Pergolas are a highly versatile type of awning. With a pergola in the garden you can create a space to enjoy the outdoors during all year round.

A pergola offers you protection from the sun and the heat in summer; from rain, wind and cold in winter. It can be installed on any floor: cement, concrete, earth, grass……

Types of pergolas

There are different types of pergolas. They can be classified according to several factors.

Pergolas according to type of anchorage: portería (goal?), doble portería (double goal?) or between walls.

Depending on the structure: wood, wrought iron, aluminium, plastic or metal.

With a roof made of fabric, plastic, reed, bamboo, glass, metal, wood…..

The wide variety of pergolas allows you to adapt the structures to any space and decorative environment. Hence its great versatility.

The structure of the pergolas

The types of materials most used for the structure of the pergolas are: wood, plastic and metals.

  • Wooden pergolas

Wood is a material of great nobility that allows you to enjoy a pergola of great beauty. Its major drawbacks are its high cost and durability. They require annual maintenance.

  • Metal pergolas

This type of pergolas are very durable, easy to maintain, affordable prices and whit great finishing possibilities. They can be painted in any colour in the RAL range, including the wood effect finish. With a spectacular result.

  • Bioclimatic pergolas

Within the metal pergolas, we highlight the bioclimatic pergolas for their modern design and for making the most of the environmental climatic conditions.

They do not require great maintenance and their cost is not very high. They are resistant and durable and offer you great advantages: motorized slats, regulation of light, temperature, variety of finishes and shades, canopy to protect the canvas when it is folded, perfect integration with the space.

Being able to regulate the slat degrees of inclination, great energy savings and maximum solar protection are achieved.

At Toldos Costa Blanca we have a wide variety of bioclimatic pergolas and a series of extras can be added.

  • Pergolas with fabric

They are very in expensive and require little maintenance. You can choose the traditional system or the stretched fabric ones

What type of fabric to put on the roof of your pergola?

Once the structural material of the pergola has been chosen, a fabric roof can be added to it. It is convenient that the chosen canvas protects between 90-99% against UV and infrared rays. The most used canvases are: acrylic, polyester, soltis and PVC fabric.

Pérgola para patio

Pergolas for patio

Complete your pergola with a wide variety of extras. Installing a pergola in your home offers you a space where you can enjoy the garden every day of the year.

There are many extras that can be added: LED lights, motor, automation, heating, lamps, rain and wind sensors for greater durability, glass enclosures or fabrics for winter.

Free advice

You have doubts? You do not know what type of pergola to install in your garden, what material to choose or what management system. At Toldos Costa Blanca we put at your disposal the knowledge of our professionals.

The pergolas manufactured by Toldos Costa Blanca withstand strong gusts of wind and can be 100% waterproof.

Our technicians carry out the corresponding measurements and advise you on pergolas systems and materials. We send you the estimate without obligation.

Contact us and we will make an appointment to move to your home and study which pergola is the most suitable for the space and the use you want.

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