Keys to choose your terrace awning


We´d like to give you some items to have in mind when you are going to choose an awning.

Awnings and pergolas installed on houses, those allow to you to save electricity, because they protect the holding face from the hight worm or cold.

Awning for Terrace

Exist a lot of kind of solutions for a terrace. For example, sail awnings special for chill out zone´s. Bioclimatic Pergolas or Pergorain are special for outdoor places to protect you from any kind of wheather, intensive rain, hail, wind, etc.

Awning for Window

En el caso de las ventanas podemos optar por toldos tipo capota, que protegen la ventana completamente. También se puede instalar un toldo recto con o sin cortinas.

The necessary measurements

Toldos Costa Blanca design customizable awnings, so the measure of the place to cover its importante. One of the more adaptable solution is the retractable awning, which one allow you to extend it or retract it manual or automaticly. If the width of the face is too long, it is possible to install another one close to the other.

Kind of tissue

There are many kinds of tissue, the most used ones are polyester, acrylic, microperforated ones

The acrylic one, contain up to 80% or the UV rays, which means a hight solar protection. Very resistant to the wind and humidity.

Microperforated one is which one offers the highest performance. More than 90 % of the UV rays and Infra red ones. This one reduce considerably, the temperature of the place it cover.

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