Window awnings

At Toldos Costablanca we offer innovative awnings for windows with which it will be possible to integrate natural light, set the mood and give maximum comfort to any type of space, providing visual protection and avoiding heat from outside.
The sun's rays and natural light enrich any space with vitality. No artificial light is like it but, depending on the time of year we are in and the position of the sun, that light may be somewhat excessive for certain corners of our home or business.

Reasons to install awnings on windows

Savings in indoor air conditioning.
Installing an awning represents significant energy savings. It largely avoids having indoor electrical appliances turned on for too long to air-condition the different rooms.

High protection against heat.
The awnings on the windows of a building prevent the heat and powerful rays of the sun from passing through, insulating it from high temperatures, and making the home or business environment much more pleasant.

Provides more privacy.
An awning always helps to keep away from prying eyes. Even when you want to keep the window open and the blinds up to keep things cool.
Increase property value
It is a profitable and simple way to increase the value in the future whether you have to sell or rent. In addition, it will always give the feeling of comfort and that it is a preserved home or premises in which the owners have taken care to keep it in excellent condition.
Careful exterior aesthetics

Window awnings combine functionality, style and protection. They give a harmonious and careful image. In addition, the variety of finishes in materials and awnings allows making the best choice according to personal style or the aesthetics of the building.
Long service life at an economical price
One of the main advantages of its installation is its long useful life. It is a resistant, attractive and durable installation that, together with its affordable price, makes it an absolutely profitable investment.

What should we take into account for your choice?
To choose the ideal awning system for our windows, we must take into account factors such as:
-Window type
-Installation hole
-Profile Material
-Opening system
-Window orientation
-Exposure to winds
-Type of drive we want in the awning: manual or motorized
Types of window awnings

Chest awning: They are designed to protect the canvas. Unfolded, it is a perfectly stretched canvas that offers optimal visual protection against the sun and glare. When it is folded, the canvas is completely collected in the box, avoiding deterioration due to dirt and weather, improving its durability. It is known as a straight point awning, it can be with an automated or manual crank system.

Articulated Arm Awning: The articulated arm awning is an awning model used especially for restaurants, shops and private homes. These are roller awnings with extendable arms that can be hidden or visible. Its arms can be adjusted providing multiple possibilities of inclination, without the need for a support point, leaving the area it covers free and clear, reaching up to 90º inclination. This model provides unbeatable aesthetics and functionality. When the arms are closed, they fold while the fabric is rolled up, remaining collected on the façade.
Hood awning: The most elegant. The ideal option to install in windows and small shop windows, as well as in hotels and shops, managing to embellish the façade.
Available in a fixed version and in a folding version, with a square or semi-curved shape. The folding system makes it very easy to fold and unfold the awning, so it can be easily retracted when not needed. The system is assembled with an aluminum structure that, through joints, makes it very easy to use. In addition, it can be labeled with personalized text.
This awning offers a plus intimacy since its shape means that there is no visibility on the sides.

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