Waterproof Awnings

Waterproof awnings for pergolas and terraces

The awnings are not just for the sun, there is a wide range of waterproof awnings
that can be used for every other season, whether on cloudy days or for a little rain.

These are ideal for making the most of your terraces, gardens or even as shelter from the harsh weather.

You will be protected from rain and sun

Thanks to technological advances, it is possible to manufacture waterproof awnings with the latest technology for terraces and gardens

With a waterproof awning you will be able to make use of this unused space in the garden, terrace or balcony, protecting this space.

The waterproof awning protects us from UV rays, rain and even shelter from the cold

Pérgola para terraza
pérgola para terraza

How can I install them?

Everything depends on the space we have and the space we need to cover; and even the protection that is required.

You should also take into account aspects such as sun exposure and water bagging, which is why when you install you must take into account what time you are going to do, so that problems do not arise

Types of waterproof awnings and their use:

There are different types of awnings with waterproof fabrics, so the most important are:

  • The horizontal awnings do not protect from air or cold
  • The pergolas allow us to create a more sheltered space. Very used in bars and restaurants

Types of fabrics: Function and effectiveness in waterproof awnings

  • PVC: Material most used for waterproofing. The inconvenience is that they subtract heat and have a lot of brightness, so it is not aesthetic. They are mainly used in industry.
  • Acrylics: They do not absorb heat and are made of a material with a lot of brightness
  • Ratinated Acrylic Canvases: New range of fabrics for all types of awnings. They maintain the characteristics of the previous ones, but they are covered with special resins with which maximum waterproofness is stitched. And they also have a treatment to prevent mold and bacteria that cause tissue to deteriorate.

These are made with a lot of designs and diverse colors of matt aspect, reason why they do not have appearance of plastic. We can say today, that the resin-coated canvases are the star product

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