Terrace Enclosure

The enclosure of terraces or balconies is one of the best options to make better use of the space in our home. If we have a terrace that we do not use or we simply want to close it to be more comfortable and expand our dining room in winter, for example, the enclosure is a very practical solution.

This solution adds many meters to our house, but it is important to analyze each case beforehand to know if it is a good choice.

Terrace enclosures are usually made in homes, restaurants and hotels that live off tourism both in winter and summer.

The price, the benefits and, above all, the advantages and disadvantages of the enclosure and the work must be evaluated. At the end of the day, comfort is sought, so apart from the aesthetic enclosure, the material, acclimatization, luminosity must be taken into account…

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Installation of terrace enclosures

Currently we find different types of enclosures, among which are the glazed ones for balconies or terraces and the folding enclosures that are made up of glass panels that can be removed as desired.

The installation of terrace enclosures follows a process to guarantee quality and the best solution in the construction and installation service. We work together with the client and their needs to reach an agreement with the final placement of the enclosure, by explaining plans and designs so that the result can be visualized before carrying out the respective work.

The meters of terrace are specified together with the number of materials and design that matches the rest of the house, that is, the finish of the materials, colors, number of modules… and the agreement is also reached of the mobility of the panels both on the sides and on the roof.

Since the first analysis of the project is made, manufacturing and construction can take a relatively short time, depending on the complexity of the project and the needs of the client.

Terrace enclosures prices

The enclosures for terraces of Toldos Costa Blanca are made of high quality materials so that the enclosure has no possibility of suffering or deteriorating.

An example of prices are vertical glass profile enclosures, which are usually more expensive than aluminum enclosures. In addition, the more features and functions the enclosure has, its price will be higher than the standard.

Glass enclosures for terraces

A sector in innovation that more and more users trust in closing their terrace with glass panels. These structure can be combined with any type of traditional carpentry.

The glass enclosures for terraces are elegant and combine perfectly with any room, being able to visualize the exterior in detail.

The hinged glass enclosures, in addition to providing views, allow the glass panels to be easily folded to open the terrace in summer or to clean the panels.

This type of enclosures are designed for installation on balconies, attics, porches and businesses such as restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes

Aluminum terrace enclosures

Aluminum terrace enclosures are ideal for outdoor terraces with enough space and surface to be installed and transformed into a more pleasant and comfortable room.

Once the terrace enclosure is installed, you can expand the dining room or, if you prefer, you can create a new space such as an office or a living area. In the case of the balconies of a building, they are usually small; so they are used to add more space to the house or improve its insulation.

Cheap terrace enclosures

At Toldos Costa Blanca we have cheap quality enclosures, which depend once again on the finish, the type of opening and the level of insulation we want, as well as its dimensions

The enclosures must meet the following advantages, which are to air-condition the home, increase privacy and, above all, expand the useful space of the home.

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