Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas have motorized slats attached to a structure that perform a dual function. First of all, they allow to regulate the light that enters the interior of the pergola. Secondly, thanks to the adjustable slats they also allow temperature regulation, being a very suitable solution not only for homes, but also for restaurants and cafeterias.

They are a good option to the conventional awning, their design is elegant and avant-garde and can be adapted to any type of construction. The slats that are located in parallel, rotate to achieve different environments, can go from being completely perpendicular to being completely closed in just a few seconds.

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Main Features

  • Fabric of materials according to need: Acrylic, Polyester, Soltis or PVC
  • Sliding by means of a double pulley system on guides to fold and unfold the awning
  • System by modules, which allow to expand the surface, without extension limit.
  • Lacquered in white (standard) or lacquered in RAL color and wood effect
  • Possibility of automating the pergola with a motor
  • Canopy to protect fabric when it is folded away
  • Heating
  • Led

What are bioclimatic pergolas?

The system that makes up the bioclimatic pergola has, as we have already pointed out, some motorized slats, which are included in a highly resistant metal structure. These can be tilted by modifying their degree of opening to create different environments throughout the day, according to the needs for ventilation and light that arise. In this way, you benefit from the climatic advantages of the place where it is installed, hence the term Bioclimatic.

The main characteristic is that once the slats are closed in the 0º position, the ceiling is completely hermetic. By varying the degree of inclination of the slats, we will obtain more or less light, with 135º being the position that offers a greater opening, obtaining more light and ventilation.

Advantages of bioclimatic pergolas

The advantages of this type of pergolas are many, in the case of having a business you will be able to create a new environment without the need to invest a lot of money. Or if, on the contrary, you require it to be installed in the garden, terrace, or patio of your house, you will gain a lot in comfort.


Its innovative shading and protection system, created with adjustable motorized slats, configured using home automation. It allows the user to enjoy great comfort in the space occupied by the pergola.


The motorized roof will allow you total protection at the time you require it against solar radiation.


The slats will also adjust automatically to control the breeze and wind outside and inside the pergola. Do you prefer to let the breeze in, or do you want to protect yourself from the wind?

Energy Savings

Thanks to the use of natural light and exterior heat, the bioclimatic pergola will allow you to save energy, since you will be able to control the temperature of your business or home in a natural way.

Installation and design of bioclimatic pergolas

It is a fantastic investment for both homes and businesses, they can be integrated in different ways with the design of the building. And they allow to gain space, privatizing it and giving an elegant, modern and comfortable touch.

Combined with vertical awnings on terraces

In this way, you can get a totally isolated space on a terrace.

Integrating them into facades

If there is not enough space to create pillars, they can be directly connected to facades, fully integrating them into the space.

With glass enclosures

You can add vertical glass enclosures, creating very elegant spaces.

Rain and wind sensors

You can count on these accessories to automate the pergola completely.

Bioclimatic pergolas allow you to take full advantage of the climatic conditions of the space where they are installed. In addition, they are elegant and create functional and pleasant spaces. They protect from rain, wind and sunlight. And there are different models and accessories to adapt them to the needs of each of our clients.

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