Balcony Awnings


Do you need to give shade and privacy to your corners? Balcony awnings are a great solution. Installing it will keep the shadow stable always where we want it to be, or we will make it fully adaptable to the sun’s schedule automatically.

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Separating the interior from the exterior of the house will be an advantage. An awning installed on a balcony will give it spaciousness and increase the utility of that space that is so often wasted, creating a new place full of life in your home.

The style, material and quality of the awning will depend on the environment we want to create. Thanks to the variety of options, colors and finishes available in Toldos Costablanca you will be able to create multi-purpose spaces that are personalized and charming.

Taking into account the guidelines of the neighborhood community or your own preferences in some cases, we will adjust it to the exterior structure of the building without damaging its aesthetics. In addition, it will be integrated into the facade covering the individual needs of your home.

According to the chosen textile, we can also filter sunlight and ultraviolet rays, enjoying a lower temperature in an outdoor environment such as balconies.

 What should I take into account before choosing an awning for the balcony?

Canopy Width The minimum measurement of the width of the awning will be the width of the window or French window of the balcony that you want to cover. In addition, its dimensions will be directly related to the dimensions of the shadow that is projected.

Exit length of the awning. The measure between the facade and the end of the awning. Depending on the displacement of the sun, the cast shadow will be determined.

Canvas type. It will depend on the budget and the type of balcony you want to cover.

-Polyester canvas

Made with waterproof synthetic fiber highly resistant to breakage. This material does not support UVA rays and deteriorates quickly. It is recommended for humid and rainy places that do not have exposure to the sun for long periods of time. It is the awning that has the lowest cost and to extend its durability, box or semi-box type structures can be used, which protect the fabric when it is closed.

-Acrylic fiber

It is one of the most recommended materials for awning canvases and one of the solutions with the best value for money. Its great resistance to inclement weather on an outdoor terrace and its robustness against UVA rays prevent wear. They have a very high thermal insulation capacity and usually have treatments to make them water-repellent and fire-retardant. They require little maintenance and the chosen color will remain fixed for a long time.

-Micro-perforated fabric

This type of canvas is of the latest generation and is made up of a fabric with micro-perforations of polyester threads but with a PVC coating. They are very easy to clean and have a high resistance to wear. It achieves great thermal insulation, allows the necessary light to pass through due to the micro-perforation and offers a great capacity for breathability that reduces the sensation of heat. Awnings made with this material last up to twice as long.

Types of balcony awnings


It is the simplest, most practical and economical awning system to cover and shade the balcony. It is highly safe and resistant to strong gusts of wind. It consists of a set of arms of no more than 50 cm that hold the load bar to the railing.

The arms have a small spring that allows them to be automatically retracted when they are released from the rail anchors. This same stor awning has the particularity of being able to be placed in two positions, one of them being ideal to have complete verticality, in addition to being able to be manual or motorized.

In addition, this type of awning can also be joined with the profiles of the Box Awning, to guarantee a longer duration of the canvas and improve the aesthetics of the home.

Of invisible arms.

Specially designed for placement on small and medium-sized balconies. Its small supports and its meticulous design give this awning a very refined finish.

It is also possible to install invisible awnings on terraces that have to cover large areas. This system, in one of its variants, allows outlets of up to 5 meters, although it must be taken into account that not all the places where this awning with invisible arms must be anchored are suitable for it.


Its measurements are between 0.70m and 1.10m with a semi-casing system that protects the canvas entirely inside when it is folded up.

They can be installed with tension or without it. The tension system allows the awning to always have enough tension so that the breeze does not make the awning wobble and it remains stable.

This system of awnings with tension arms is recommended in areas where light wind is a problem. You can choose between the simple or double drop, the simple one reaching a parabola of 90º degrees of inclination and the double one can reach 150º.


They are the most modern for your balcony. The chest awnings are those that have a box in which the awning, the extendable arms, the motor and even the hardware are collected. This allows the entire awning to be protected against inclement weather or degradation when its use is not necessary. Therefore, they are awnings whose useful life can be longer.

Suitable both for small spaces and to cover large balconies with an elegant and modern shape.


This option will provide real comfort as it has notable advantages over crank awnings.

They can be conveniently folded up and spread out with a remote control. They fold automatically if the weather worsens and the noise of the electric awning motor will not be a problem since their technology allows them to be silent. In addition, the light and heaters can also be controlled with a remote control.