Awnings for restaurants

When you have an outdoor space in a hospitality business, applying an enclosure through any type of tent or awning means increasing its profitability in a more than considerable way.

Increasing the square meters of capacity of the clientele corresponds in 100% of the cases with an increase in sales. Taking care of diners with comfortable and quality spaces is almost as important as offering a good range of products, don’t you think?

At Toldos Costa Blanca we not only have models for the winter period, but also different types of awnings for bars that will guarantee the usability of the space throughout the year. It is the smartest way to get the most out of the business.

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What do terrace enclosures for hotels consist of?

These are structures with awnings to open your business to the outside in a safe and pleasant way. This will allow customers of your bar, pub, restaurant or cafe to choose their location. Whether inside your premises, or outside with the same quality and comfort.

What advantages do they have?

-It will improve the sensations of the clients. A conditioned space on the outside will provide versatility to the premises and customers will see their needs met whatever they may be.

-The useful meters of the business will increase. It will have a new space for 365 days a year to welcome diners or regular users. Clients will not be lost due to seasonality.

-Your profitability will grow without the need to make a large investment in a work. Terrace awnings do not imply an exorbitant price or a complication for the premises. They are easy to install and in a short time you will be able to pay for an installation that will last for years and years.

-Sales will rise due to the good conditioning of outdoor spaces and will increase the attractiveness of the business for customers looking for an establishment with an outdoor area.

-Cleaning will be very simple. Due to the high quality of the materials used in Toldos Costa Blanca, it will practically not require any type of maintenance. Its technical characteristics make it impervious to stains. With a simple wet cloth and neutral soap, the most difficult stains can be removed.

How do you know which one is best for your business?

The team of professionals at Toldos Costa Blanca has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing, selling and installing tailor-made awnings, personalized and adapted to the needs of each client.

We will carry out a detailed preliminary study of the conditions of the exterior space of your premises or business and we will look for the best quality solution adapted to your budget. In addition, we will offer you the appropriate after-sales service for your needs.

We will know what the regulations of each municipality are and we will offer based on those conditions, guaranteeing the absence of future problems.

There is also the possibility of customizing the canvas with the name of your establishment or with the reason that is needed in each awning.

Create a unique experience with the different types of awnings for hotels.

Abris awnings with invisible arms

Duo awnings or abri awnings, is a self-supporting system that can be fixed on a goal-type structure or mobile with a planter-type counterweight. Due to its dimensions and features, it is ideal for public spaces or sidewalks of large surfaces.

It is one of the most elegant and showy options. It reaches maximum surfaces of 6 m wide by 6 m open (with two awnings). It is adaptable to a canvas protection system, motorization and it also supports side and front awnings with which we would obtain a terrace totally protected from both the sun and the wind, and it can be heated according to the different times of the year.

Curtain Awning

Curtain awnings, or vertical awning systems, can be mounted with side guides through which an awning runs vertically to the floor itself or to the bottom of the window. Offer high resistance to wind and thus prevent the passage of rain for greater comfort of customers staying on the terrace.

It is an awning generally indicated for all types of hospitality businesses with an external terrace.

When rolling up the vertical windbreak awning it does not bother at all since it stays rolled up and is hardly noticeable.

Sandwich fixed roof awning

This type of roof can be opened and closed according to the needs of the moment. They are characterized by great insulation and tightness, as well as a unique design. Being opaque, it does not allow light to pass through and is a good alternative to completely isolate atmospheric agents.

We can make an enclosure that is almost like an extension of the premises. It can be fixed or mobile, and depending on the needs, it will have one thickness or another to better adapt to the needs. Being fixed, you can put a false interior plasterboard ceiling and hide the fall.

Arcuate system roller awnings

This awning offers protection on two planes: one horizontal and one vertical.

It is an awning system made up of a self-supporting structure of highly robust extruded aluminium. The awning slides along the upper part of the structure by means of bearings. The operation is based on the contracting principle: the bearings are driven by a high-resistance polyester belt, stretching the canvas, at the same time a prestressed spring mechanism located in the axis of the canvas ensures optimal fabric tension.

Extendable chest awning

It allows to cover large terraces in an elegant way. Once closed, the chest houses the canvas, the mechanisms, the opening and closing motors and the arms. This will allow us to make our awning have a long useful life, guaranteeing us to enjoy the shade in the business for as long as possible. It can be operated manually or by motor and can be customized the way you want.

If you do not know which of all of them to opt for, you just have to contact Toldos Costa Blanca and we will come to carry out a study tailored to your needs.