Sustainable company



• Use of air conditioning only during working hours. Whenever possible, carry out natural ventilation of the facilities, avoiding direct sunlight.

• Adjust the lighting to the work to be done and turn off the lights when they are not needed

• Adapt the air conditioning levels according to the activity and the weather, adjusting the temperatures to: o Winter: 20-23 ºC o Summer: 23-25 ​​ºC

• Set computer equipment in “energy saving” mode and turn it off during long periods of inactivity. Configure the screensaver in “black screen” mode.

• Disconnect computers or other electronic devices that are not used.

• Keep light bulbs and fluorescent tubes clean (dust reduces effectiveness).


Apply the code of conduct of the three “Rs”: Reduce, Reuse and recycle.

• Carry out the separation of the waste generated and deposit it in the containers corresponding.

• Use of new technologies in order to reduce paper consumption.

• Reuse both sides of printed sheets and print on both sides whenever possible.

• Use long-lasting and rechargeable material.

• Use recycled paper whenever possible.

• Deposit waste that does not have conventional collection systems in clean points and deliver hazardous waste to a authorized manager.

• Do not pour remains of cleaning products into the public sanitation system.

• Avoid pouring remains of paints, varnishes, solvents or oils down the drain makes water purification difficult.


• Avoid waste and misuse of water

• Inform in case of detecting leaks in taps or malfunction of tanks.

• Wash commercial vehicles only when necessary and use washing centers where they recycle water.


• Promote and maintain order and cleanliness in the workplace.

• Carry out maintenance on all equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Do not abuse background music so as not to turn it into noise pollution.

Recycling a
ton of paper:

– Prevent release
2.5 tons of CO2

– Avoid cutting down 17 trees

– Save 3 m3 of
dump space

iso 14001