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How much does the installation of an awning cost?

Why install an awning? An awning has the main function of preventing sunlight from directly hitting your home or business. You avoid the heat and wear […]

How to get a custom awning

At Toldos Costa Blanca we are manufacturers. This allows us to offer our customers tailored awnings. Our team of professionals come to your home to take […]

What to install at home? Wooden or aluminium pergola?

Pergolas are a highly versatile type of awning. With a pergola in the garden you can create a space to enjoy the outdoors during all year […]

Our help to the hospitality industry.

Our support for the hospitality industry We know that due to the health crisis to which we are exposed, these days are difficult for our hospitality […]


IN THE WORKPLACE Use of nitrile gloves Use of sanitizing gel Safety distance of two meters Daily cleaning of the workplace, tools, tables, machinery, keyboards Daily […]

Awnings to combat climate change

Do you know that you can fight the heat in summer without damaging the environment? This summer, forget about air conditioning, which also entails a significant […]

Extendable pergolas

  Do you need a solid shadow space that can also be retractable in the smallest possible space? In this case, an extendable pergola can be […]

Toldos Costa Blanca obtains the ISO 14001 environmental certification

Toldos Costa Blanca obtains the ISO 14001 environmental certification thanks to zero waste management, another example of the company’s commitments to the environment What is ISO […]

Pergolas with sliding awning

The pergolas with sliding awning are highly adaptable, can be made of different materials and allow shading over a wide area. The different finishes make them […]

Motorization and Automation in the Awnings

The motorization and the use of control and safety automatisms has been increasing every year mainly due to the domotization of the houses and the generalized […]

What is Color ?

21 Feb 2017   At the time of choosing the color of an awning there that know what is the color and what transmits. The colors […]

The eternal conflict of the installation of awnings in communities

4 Mar 2017 Is well-known conflicts that involve the installation of awnings in the facades and balconies in most of the communities from neighbourings. The possibility […]

Client friend promotion

7 Mar 2017 From TOLDOS COSTA BLANCA we want to give you a SPA SESSION for two people at Marjal Costa Blanca Camping & Resort in […]

Tissue and Acrylic Fiber

12 Mar 2017 Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber that is made from a compound called acrylonitrile * and by that compound is named acrylic. It […]

I Photographic Rally in Santa Pola

13 Mar 2017 From Toldos Costa Blanca, we want to support creative initiatives that serve to promote culture, that’s why we are a sponsor of the […]

Care for “Universal Installers”

25 Mar 2017 Get good weather, the Sun is beginning to warm up and begin to appear the famous “universal installers”. They are those “installers” that […]

We install quality awnings on the Costa Blanca

29 Mar 2017 The quality of our services and products, besides being guaranteed by the certifications in force that are being renewed and updated periodically, have […]

Awnings Installation in Benidorm

9 Apr 2017 Toldos Costa Blanca is an installation company of awnings and sun protection that Advises, Sells, Manufactures, Installs and offers a service in Benidorm. […]

​How can I protect my awning ?

22 Apr 2017 All awnings have the particularity of protecting us from the sun, their fabrics allow us the most pleasant life under their shadow while […]

CE marking to Awnings

7 May 2017 CE marking applied to the installation of awnings is a MANDATORY requirement in companies that install awnings on facades. Any awning installed must […]

Take advantage of your home with awnings for terraces

20 Jun 2017 Can I make the most of my home with awnings for terraces? When you chose your house, you loved it because it had […]

3 design awnings for stylish homes

22 Jun 2017 Do you want to enjoy your terrace during all times of the year? Don’t know if to put an awning in case your […]

Types of awnings for my terrace

27 Jun 2017 It has already come summer! And with it, the best temperatures to enjoy our terrace. What’s the problem? That if we don’t have […]

Protect your terrace from the heat with a Veranda Awning.

12 Jul 2017 Do you have a porch, a glassed-in garden or an attic with glass ceilings? Do you love enjoying them but, at certain times, […]

We manufacture quality awnings in the province of Alicante

19 Jul 2017 From Toldos Costa Blanca we know perfectly that taking the decision to install an awning in a house, is a difficult process in […]

Don’t you worry about the heat with your pergola

26 Jul 2017 Summer is here! And with it, has brought the days of heat, sun and good weather to enjoy our terraces and gardens. But […]

​7 reasons to install extensible awnings

9 Aug 2017 Would you like to install an awning on the balcony of your apartment but don’t want to lose sight when you have it […]

How to take advantage of my terrace all year round? With protective awnings!

16 Aug 2017 Are you the people who like to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home year-round? Can not you do everything you would like […]

What color to choose for the awning of my terrace?

23 Aug 2017 Are you already clear that you want to install an awning on the terrace of your house? Then the time has come to […]

When is the time to renovate an awning?

30 Aug 2017 Have you ever installed an awning on the terrace of your home? Don’t you know how much time you should renew it? We […]

What type of garden awnings put in my home?

6 Sep 2017 Is summer ending and are you already planning to enjoy the garden in your home during the winter months? Our recommendation is that […]

How old is an awning?

13 Sep 2017 Do you plan to install an awning in your home and are you informing about the most important aspects of your new shadow […]

Advantages of installing a vertical awning

27 Sep 2017 Would you like to make a enclosure on your terrace, but you don’t know what kind of awning to install to do it? […]

3 types of awnings for large surfaces

4 Oct 2017 Do you have a garden in your home or a very large outside area and you are thinking to install an awning in […]

3 design pergolas for your home

11 Oct 2017 Are you considering installing a pergola on the terrace of your home? Don’t you know that there are different types or which is […]

How to protect my awning in winter?

18 Oct 2017 The cold and the rain begin to arrive in the province of Alicante. Although there has not yet been a sudden change in […]

Fixed ceiling or mobile ceiling?

25 Oct 2017 Are you going to make an enclosure in your home, but you are not clear if installing a movable roof awning or a […]

How to improve the privacy of your home?

31 Oct 2017 Do you want to create a different space in the garden of your home where you can enjoy a stay dedicated to leisure […]

How to protect outdoor furniture in winter?

17 Nov 2017 Do you have several pieces of furniture in the garden of your house that make you afraid of spoiling in the winter months […]

​Can customized awnings be installed in a restaurant?

8 Nov 2017 Do you have a restaurant in the province of Alicante and you want to install an awning on your terrace? We have a […]

Why install a pergola on your terrace?

22 Nov 2017 The answer to this question is very simple: to be able to enjoy the exterior of your home during all seasons of the […]

What is an awning with nautical safe and what is it for?

29 Nov 2017 Do you have a big space on the outside of your home and have you been told that you could install an awning […]

Awning for terrace, Which one is the most elegant? Santa Pola

1 Dec 2017 Which awning is the most elegant for your terrace? Are you looking for an awning that in addition to protect you from the […]

SSL Security Certificate

3 Dec 2017 One of the main worries, but not the onlyone, that Internet users have is the security about processing of their personal data when […]

Some reasons to install a sliding awning on your home

19 Dec 2017 When you thinking about to install an awning on your home terrace, don’t you do it because you think you will must to […]

Awning veranda on your restaurant. Advantages of installing one.

21 Dec 2017 ADVANTAGES OF INSTALLING AN AWNING VERANDA ON YOUR RESTAURANT. Did you just opened a restaurant in Alicante province? Now that the Christmas is […]

Keys to choose your terrace awning

2 Mar 2018 We´d like to give you some items to have in mind when you are going to choose an awning. Awnings and pergolas installed […]

Awnings with box – Types and Utilities

Cassette awnings are a type of extensible awning that is characterized by having a box, attached to the end that goes against the wall or ceiling, […]

Do you know the energy saving involved in installing an awning?

25 Mar 2018 Many homes, shops, stores or restaurant businesses suffer from the embarrassment caused by blinding and damaging rays of sunlight entering through the windows. […]

Awnings for balconies or how to save energy during the summer months

8 Apr 2018 Not everyone knows that an awning can reduce the temperature of a room by up to 5 ° C. A fact, that in […]

Tensioned Shade Sail

26 Nov 2018 Tensioned shade sail is a type of installation with multiple advantages for the home. It is especially useful to protect some of our […]

Sails of shadow on your garde, why to intall them.

27 Dec 2017 Does your home has a large garden, and you feel rabies because you can´t enjoy it while all the year because the sun […]

Awning for terrace, Which one is the most elegant?

26 Dec 2017 In Toldos Costa Blanca, we know that blinds, pergola, sails or any product where it´s instalaron is well done, including quality, it bring […]

Enclosure for Camping in Benidorm

14 Oct 2017 On this time, the client wanted to close a parcel where he had his caravan, and to make it a place protected from […]

Expand your terrace without making an enclosure

20 Sep 2017 Are you looking for alternatives to be able to use the terrace of your home throughout the year without having to make a […]

Combat the heat of your terrace with nautical awnings

5 Jul 2017 Don’t you have air conditioning at home and you spend too much heat in the summer months? That situation can be ended with […]

The installation of awnings on facades and their legality

6 May 2018 The installation of an enclosure with awnings in the community façade for a commercial establishment is permitted and does not require authorization if […]

We reward our customers

23 Apr 2018 Toldos Costa Blanca rewards its customers with fuel checks. Our company wants to have a detail with our customers by giving them a […]

2 th Photo Rally Villa de Santa Pola

14 Apr 2018 For the second consecutive year the company Toldos Costa Blanca sponsors the Photographic Rally organized by the Santa Pola Photographic Association. From Toldos […]

Tense Shade Sail: what I needed to know

18 Feb 2018 There are several options that allow to protect an area from the sun and other atmospheric conditions. Creating spaces through the placement of […]

The restaurants with terraces are the perfect claim for clients

18 Feb 2018 We recognize it without prejudice. We like the terraces. At any time of year. The bars and restaurants with terraces are one of […]

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