Motorized Awnings

Horizontal motorized awnings at the best price

When the good weather starts, we go straight to life on the terrace and we also bring out all the furniture to shine. This combination must be perfect to enjoy the environment both day and night, as well as with family and friends.

The motorized awning is a perfect decoration option to protect from the sun, be more sheltered from time and have privacy.

Why should we monitor our awning?

You can install a new awning with motor or if you have a crank, it is not necessary to change it, almost all awnings can be motorized after installation.

Times over for the use of a crank. The motorized or electric awnings can be operated easily with a touch of a button. You can also leave them programmed to stop worrying when you leave home or when you want to eat on the terrace.

Advantages of a motorized awning

  • To have more peace of mind when you are away from home, since the awning is automatically collected if the conditions are adverse
  • For a higher comfort, the solar sensor automatically lowers the awning to keep the living room cool and you can add a led strip to have more lighting on summer nights
  • Energy saving with a light sensor. These systems will lower the awning automatically when the sun does not hit and will raise it when it does not. This increases energy efficiency by saving on air conditioning and preventing the awning from being worn out by rain or wind.

What motorized awnings do we find?

  • Box Awnings
  • Semi-box Awnings
  • Extensible Awnings
  • Awnings with fringes

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