Electric awnings

Electric awnings with motor for terraces

The electric awnings are conventional awnings of different sizes and designs, but with the advantage that when we install them, we are not concerned about the handling of them, since they open and close automatically with a button from a wireless control, which facilitates the handling of this one.

With the electric awnings we leave behind the manual effort with just pressing a simple button, which will make the awning open or close in a practical way.

This sector is constantly evolving so there are different accessories ideal to complement the use and functionality of the awning, such as light sensors, responsible for lowering the awning automatically when sunny and upload it automatically when there is not.

Where can I install my electric awning?

All awnings can be motorized, only one power source is needed to supply the necessary electric current. You can install your electric awning in the window, terrace, wall, etc.

Ideal complement for your terrace:

Thanks to electric awnings we get:

-Increase energy efficiency, since we maintain an optimal temperature.

-Increase the quality and life of the fabric or tarpaulins of the awning, since in adverse weather conditions, the awning is collected.

What are the installation systems for electric awnings?

System via radio:

– Without cables, it is manipulated with remote controls

– Consists of individual or sectorial control of several channels

– Awning travel adjustment

– Light, rain and wind sensors can be added

– Can be implemented in a home automation unit

– Opening and closing can be programmed

Cable system:

– Wiring is needed from the awning motor to a plug and keyboard

– Its closing and opening can be programmed

– Rain, sun and wind sensors and sensors

Main features:

  • Suitable for roofs, walls and cantilevers
  • Canvas resistant to UVA rays.
  • Aluminum structure or aluminum fittings