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Box awnings with motor

The most used, for all types of places

The most used, for all types of places:

The box awnings are articulated awnings that when rolled up are protected in a discreet box. When you retract the awning, the material and components are protected inside of a
protective aluminium cover box, making it the most effective design to protect your
awning from the elements. This makes the awning have a long and useful life, so it guarantees quality in the long term without problems.

toldos cofre
Toldo para patio

The most versatile and recommended by users:

  • Its elegant structure makes them ideal for popular places and widely used by architects and engineers in modern homes
  • Made to measure, they offer a wide range of options. Its fabric quality guarantees 100% UV protection with maximum safety and function.
  • Versatility and customization of models. You can choose the model and the perfect design for your stay, terrace or environment
  • The awning can be operated manually or with a motor.
  • Perfect for all types of homes, giving a new look to the area

Assembly and maintenance:

These awnings are designed to be mounted on the wall and include two or three brackets and fixing bolts for a better assembly. Once everything is prepared and installers make sure the awning will have the correct support in order to be fitted, installation will take no longer than 2 hours.

toldo para patio

Main features:

  • Resistant to water and UV-UVA rays
  • Aluminum structure coated with paint for durability
  • Perfect for facades, cafeterias or restaurants
  • Installation on wall, exterior ceilings or cantilevers.
  • Different sizes for different spaces