Tissue and Acrylic Fiber

Tejido y fibra acrílica


Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber that is made from a compound called acrylonitrile * and by that compound is named acrylic. It was developed in Germany for the year 1893 for the first time and began production at commercial level about the year 1950 then known under the trade name Orlon.



They are the most similar to fabrics made with wool, for example carpets made of acrylic fibers are almost identical to wool and it is difficult to appreciate the difference. Another advantage is that people allergic to wool can wear garments made with acrylic fibers


They are not as durable as nylon but for home use it is satisfactory

Care and maintenance

They have very good resistance to chemicals except chlorine bleach, so we do not recommend cleaning the awning with bleach. They are resistant to moths and fungi and have an exceptional resistance to sunlight

(*) Acrylonitrile is a synthetic, colorless liquid with a penetrating odor similar to garlic or onion, it can dissolve in water and evaporate rapidly. It is currently used for the manufacture of textile fibers resistant to atmospheric agents and sunlight.

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