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One of the main worries, but not the onlyone, that Internet users have is the security about processing of their personal data when they have to insert those ones on internet forms and / or passwords generators to access websites, blogs and other services. Almost everyone knows that not all pages are safe, so ... How can we know which page is safe and protects our data?

Answer: The Https security protocol!

What is Https security protocol?

HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is an Internet communication protocol which protects the integrity and confidentiality of users' data between their computers and the website.
As a definition for those of us who are not used to computer technical language, it is a standard protocol that ensures that the data transmitted between one site and another is encrypted and safe.

Unlike the http protocol that uses a response language to a request to a server and that focuses on the exchange of information between user and server, the https protocol is based on the same data exchange system but in a totally secure way establishing an encryption system that only the user and server can decipher, each communication is unique and encrypted. This protocol uses SSL certificates to ensure that websites that use https are secure and comply with Internet security requirements.

What is the SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate means Secure Socket Layer (secure connection line) and responds to the need to establish a security system so that the data requested and served are encrypted and travel over the Internet safely. Having an SSL certificate means that the user is protected and their data travels over the encrypted network.

Since November 2017, Toldos Costa Blanca is once again committed to the highest standards of Internet security. Aware that the data of our potential customers should be protected from malicious use we have implemented the security certificate that protects the web pages of Toldos Costa Blanca of possible leaks, interference by hackers and give our users the peace of mind that their data arrives safe and to whom they must arrive.

Therefore all our pages have since November 2017 with the Https security protocol that can be seen in the navigation bar, with the letters Https and the closed padlock, a sign that the pages are secure.

At Toldos Costa Blanca, the security of our clients' data is assured.

Please contact us and require any information ona safety way.

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