How to protect my awning in winter?


The cold and the rain begin to arrive in the province of Alicante. Although there has not yet been a sudden change in climate, it's well known that winter comes suddenly and we must be prepared for it.

It's true that, actually, canvas awnings are increasingly resistant to inclement weather. But we must always take into account a series of tips to take care of them and protect them so that our awning is kept in perfect condition for the longest possible time.

At Toldos Costa Blanca we are experts in the manufacture and installation of awnings in the province of Alicante, especially in areas of the Marina Alta such as: Altea, Javea, Benissa, Moraira or Denia.

So who better than us to advise you and give you a series of tips to take care of your awning of the effects of winter? We hope you put them into practice!

Ways to protect my awning in winter

First, make sure your awning is made of materials that are highly resistant to rain and wind. If it isn't, you should have it collected when these atmospheric phenomena occur.

If you have not had time to pick it up and it has already started to rain ... Do not pick it up! Wait until it stops and the canvas dries.

As we have commented in many of our previous posts, an awning we should not collect it ever wet, as they produce dampness and can create fungus and mold.

But ... Can an awning be left open while it's raining? Effectively! You only have to worry about not forming very large accumulations of water that can break it.

Another aspect that we must take into account is that if our awning is near trees or very high plants, with the wind its branches can be broken, reaching to crack the canvas if they fall on it with great force.

Yes, in your case you live in a mountain area, where you can get to snow or frost. When the structure of your awning is frozen, wait until it is thawed and dry to be able to pick it up.

In addition to all this, if you want to know how to keep your awning as if it were new for the longest time possible, visit our blog entry: When is the time to renovate an awning? In which we give you tips and tricks for your maintenance.

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