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Hood awnings: style and protection of your business

Oct 8, 2018

Do you need to install an awning in your business and you don’t know which one to opt for? Hood awnings are always a safe bet, as they offer protection to your customers while highlighting your business.


What is a hood awning

Hood awnings are a type of awning widely used in business. Although it can have several designs, its shape is half bell, which emerges from the top of the door and shop windows.


These awnings began to be used for their advantages over the inclement weather. Its shape is ideal for shelter from the rain, in addition to protecting the premises from sunlight, preventing it from overheating. It is currently a type of paradigmatic awning for business.


Why in business you usually choose this type of awning

This combination of design, utility and tradition has made the majority of businesses installed in premises at street level opt for this type of awning. And is that the hood awnings  have many different designs, but always respect the sobriety of its cozy and traditional line.


Protection against inclement weather

By having a partially closed shape, the hoods prevent direct light from entering our business. In addition, they create a kind of very cozy arcade, where customers can protect themselves from the weather. In this sense, they are better than other types of awnings to protect against rain. And is that the bulging shape prevents customers from getting wet when it is windy in addition to rain.



Hood awnings are very common in business, so they have a great reception between owners and customers. However, one of its main advantages is that they are very colorful. That is why they are very appropriate to attract the attention of potential clients and pedestrians.


The materials with which they are manufactured are not only very resistant, but they admit a wide color range. So these awnings are perfect to wear corporate colors, as well as logos and other drawings, patterns or designs.


In addition, the shape of these awnings allows us to gain a space to the street, and makes them visible from all directions, being equipped with front and side. This is probably the reason why the hood awnings were so successful among the merchants.


More sales

A canopy can significantly improve business turnover. In the first place, because it makes the commercial space more visible, which will always help us gain recognition. Second, because if pedestrians take shelter under our awning they will attract the attention of other people. This will launch a message like “this site is cozy” or “this business is worth it”. So the installation of a hood awning can improve our numbers at the end of the month.


Conclusion: the advantages of installing hood awnings

In short, hood awnings are the best option for commercial premises. Do not hesitate anymore! Get in touch with Toldos Costa Blanca, we will help you find what you are looking for and the best option for you. In addition, our extensive experience and quality have made us a benchmark in the sector. Write us! We will help you find your ideal awning. In Toldos Costa Blanca we will design for your business the hood awning as you need. Request more information!

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