Awnings in Torrevieja


If you are looking for the best professionals dedicated to awnings in Torrevieja, we will tell you the reason why Toldos Costa Blanca is a great option to install the ideal awning in your home or business.

We are specialists in awnings and we work throughout the province with extensive experience in the sector. We offer the entire process from advice, design and manufacturing to its subsequent installation.

The Province of Alicante has developed rapidly in recent years, due to its outstanding characteristics and large tourist centers, the growth of the city continues to be observed, especially in its economic sector.

Therefore, it is important that the businesses in this town have a pleasant atmosphere for tourists and that they demonstrate the true essence of Torrevieja and nothing better than doing it using awnings that help define a style and keep customers protected.

The sea is one of the most important elements in Torrevieja and Las Salinas in the town are the ones with the highest value in Europe, thanks to their productivity, which is sent for export in a large percentage.

Another of its worldwide attractions is the International Contest of Habaneras and Polyphony, which was declared of International Tourist Interest. The purpose of this celebration is to talk and promote this song that honors the Torrevieja sailors who forged trade with Cuba.

Likewise, the lagoons of Torrevieja have been declared a Natural Area and, in addition, they are of great interest because they are the largest wetland ecosystem in the south of the Province of Alicante because they have a unique extension and are a habitat for migratory or nesting birds.

Industry and services continue to advance rapidly in Torrevieja, turning it into a cosmopolitan urban center, where both people of Spanish nationality and foreigners live.

As for its beaches, Playa de los Náufragos, Playa del Cura located in the center of the city and Playa de Los Locos stand out, however, the largest of all is La Mata located to the north that offers to enjoy its landscapes through excursions to the Torre de Moro Tourist Viewpoint.

Awnings in Torrevieja

As noted, industrialization is one of the main characteristics of the town, so economic growth is vital to keep this beautiful city alive.

To achieve optimal development of the economic sector, it is necessary to have tools that help marketing in general and one of them is awnings, since they have evolved to form part of the style of the commercial establishment.

  • Some of the types of awnings are:

    sail awnings

    Awnings for pergolas

    vertical awnings

    chest awnings

    electric awnings

    roller awnings

    waterproof awnings

    automated awnings

    motorized awnings

    Depending on the commercial needs or the tastes of the client, the awnings will change. Therefore, it is important to know the requirements of your business, those of your clients and define a specific style to maintain coherence and harmony between the decorative elements.

    The relevance of awnings is based on their protection, since this is their main objective. With them you can protect your customers from environmental conditions such as rain, sun and wind.

    They are also a decoration tool that helps to divide spaces and add an element of visual impact in open spaces such as terraces, gardens and more.

    Do you want a quality and creative awning?

    At Toldos Costa Blanca we make custom-made awnings and we have a wide range of models that adapt to any type of brand..

Models of awnings in Torrevieja

It is normal that in times of greater climate instability we worry about protecting outdoor spaces. If we have a business with outdoor space enabled, we do not want a day in which the protagonist is the rain to ruin our expected profits. And if we wanted to enjoy our terrace or garden? It does not feel good at all to have organized an outdoor plan with our family in the most welcoming area of ​​the house, and that the inclement weather forces us to make a change of plans. It seems that any awning can solve this situation, but it is not. Choosing the most suitable one that supports this type of adverse weather condition will allow us to enjoy our space more by having the optimal awning prepared for any weather condition.
At Toldos Costa Blanca we offer innovative awnings for windows with which it will be possible to integrate natural light, set the mood and give maximum comfort to any type of space, providingvisual protection and avoiding heat from outside. The sun’s rays and natural light enrich any space with vitality. No artificial light is like it but, depending on the time of year we are in and the position of the sun, that light may be somewhat excessive for certain corners of our home or business.
The all for garden are elegant solutions to cover our garden. When we install our awning we will be protecting the different elements that are part of it and also we will expand the use of the garden not only for the warm months, but for the whole year.
If you need to protect the balcony or terrace from the wind or rain without losing visibility, a transparent vertical awning is an ideal option, as they are highly adaptable andconfigurable, working together with a pergola-type structure. , or anchored directly to the railing of the balcony or terrace.

Costa Blanca

These are just some of the examples of awnings that we can manufacture in our workshop, we make any type of awning, whether to install on windows, swimming pools or terraces. Both for individuals and businesses. We design and adapt each of the works we carry out to the needs of our clients. To create comfortable outdoor spaces that will improve your quality of life, while increasing the value of your home or business.

We are the only company that installs awnings in Alicante and has the ISO quality certification. All our awnings are accompanied by a guarantee that is delivered in writing once the installation is done.

If you need an awning company in Alicante, you can contact us, we will advise you and provide the best sun protection solution for both your home and your business.

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