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Awnings in Elche

Awnings in Elche

Toldos Costa Blanca, we are manufacturers and installers of awnings in the Elche area.(03200) We have more than 1000 square meters dedicated to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of awnings and closings, becoming leaders in sun protection in the Alicante region.

Our experience of more than 40 years guarantees our dedication and quality in our sun protection and awning services.


Awnings for sale in Elche

We have a wide range of services and products to protect and improve homes and business, offering sun protection solutions. Light filtering and protection from the sun’s rays is our job, which is why we guarantee the best protection with our products to enjoy the outdoors with maximum comfort.

Some of our most requested products and services are: sails, pergolas, hoods, awnings and closings.


Awnings manufacturers in Elche

Toldos Costa Blanca are the only ones that offer a global and multidisciplinary service in Elche, so designers, manufacturers and installers collaborate from the beginning of the service to the end.

We guarantee the highest quality and the best installation of awnings in the area. We have the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality certification that allows us to work with internationally recognized suppliers, that guarantee us the best materials and finishes.

The manufacture of our awnings, pergolas and closings together with the materials such as the manufacture of the canvas and the complete manufacture of the awning with its supports and its safe installation by professionals in the sector, guarantee the highest quality in all processes.


Awnings quotations in Elche

We offer a complete service according to the budget for the various awnings inthe Elche area, such as optimal advice by professionals in the sector, as well as monitoring for customer satisfaction, quality control during manufacture and installation, and after sales service.

Furthermore, we are known for offering a specific study of the client’s needs, and how to correctly determine the type of awning, planning the most suitable work for the outdoor area and guarantee the final finish and demostration prior to its complete installation. All this for free and without obligation!


Higher quality awnings throughout the city of Elche


We offer you the highest quality awnings in Elche. If you are thinking of an awning or enclosure for your restaurant or home terrace, we are your professional installation services. Ask about our services and we will provide a quotation free for you.

With the designed installation outdoor space is gained, expanding meters to enjoy the outdoor space with maximum comfort.


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