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Awnings in Alicante

Awnings in Alicante

It is well known that the town of Alicante is located on the Mediterranean coast and thanks to its location (03001) it is one of the Spanish provinces with the most sunny days per year. That is why the installation of awnings in Alicante becomes essential to be able to enjoy outdoor spaces and improve the quality of homes and shops.

Toldos Costa Blanca has been working for many years in the manufacture and installation of awnings and sun protection systems throughout the province. We create and design the shade that our client needs and for it we use different models of awnings.


Models of awnings in Alicante for terraces

Awnings Pergolas

If you need a terrace awning, we have many possible varieties. One of the most popular models are the pergolas, or flat awnings. These are characterized by a fixed structure that accompanies an awning that extends horizontally over it. The awning is flat and can be retractable or extended to suit the client. The structure can be made of different materials.

There is another possibility of a pergola, in this case we use the structure of the building to install the canvas. Obtaining a pergola between walls.

Extendable awning

This type of awning is designed to be installed in places that do not need to cover large dimensions. The awning arms are completely invisible once the awning is retracted. It is the possibility or variant of the extendable awnings with a coffer, it is accompanied by a system that perfectly covers all the internal components of the awning, protecting it, to improve its durability and design.


Monoblock extendable awning


In this case, the awning has similar characteristics to the previous one with the difference of having another variety of supports. In this case they can be placed both on the wall and on the ceiling and as many as necessary depending on the extension of the awning.

It is a very safe system that we suggest in the event that the extension to be shaded is very extensive and possible and you do not want to install a pergola.


Curtains awnings

This type of awnings can be manufactured with a window or without a window. Whether more privacy is desired or more light is required within the installation. It is made up of a vertical system that is used to create environments and new spaces within the terraces. Using and giving new life to the space created either in winter or in summer.


About Toldos Costa Blanca


These are just some of the examples of awnings that we can manufacture in our workshop, we make any type of awning, whether it is to be installed on windows, pools or terraces. Both for individuals and for businesses. We design and adapt each of the jobs we do to the needs of our clients. To create comfortable outdoor spaces that will improve your quality of life, while increasing the value of your home or business.

We are the only company that installs awnings in Alicante and has the ISO quality certification. All our awnings are accompanied by a guarantee that is delivered in writing once the installation is done.

If you need an awning company in Alicante, you can contact us, we will advise you and give you the best sun protection solution for both your home and your business.

You can call us on 966 845 800 or send a message to:

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