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If you are looking for awnings for a terrace, you are in the right place. Toldos Costa Blanca is the only company in the sector, which has a Quality Certification for all its products and facilities, no other company can currently provide this certification and our more than 40 years of experience support us. If you like you can read more about our Certificate of Quality.

- Installation Awnings and Pergolas Alicante | EXCLUSIVE Awnings Prices
- Installation Awnings and Pergolas Alicante | EXCLUSIVE Awnings Prices

We have a wide variety of terrace awnings, with our awnings you can create new spaces on your terrace where you can be inspired, making the most of the exteriors of your home or business, creating places where you can enjoy and relax. New spaces adapted to your style and decoration. Or simply make profitable those areas of your business that you did not take advantage of before. Our models are of the latest generation, fashionable designs, for whatever your style, a wide variety of colours, prints and a multitude of finishes, to create unique and totally personalized spaces.

The most demanded terrace awnings

Box Awnings

The box awnings for terrace are very functional as well as having a very aesthetic finish. The canvas and other elements are protected once the awning is rolled up, increasing the useful life of the awning.

Pérgolas para terraces

Pergolas are a great solution as awnings for terraces. They can create a new space on your terrace or patio, creating an enclosure or using pergolas with two or four legs, plus vertical awnings.

Custom awnings for terrace

One of the advantages of working with Toldos Costa Blanca, is being able to have a custom awning, in addition to the quality of each of its facilities and the variety of models. An awning designed and adapted just to the space to be shaded, starting from the awning model that you like the most, we can completely adapt it to your needs, resulting in a top quality awning made 100% to measure with everything you need.

We create unique spaces based on the shade design you need, styles that inspire and decorate as well as soften the temperature of the space in which they are installed. You can count on the design that best suits your space and customize it 100%. Our technicians will prepare a detailed budget after fully advising you on the choice of your terrace awning.

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