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Awnings for Restaurants

The solution for hotel terraces

Awnings for pergolas ideal for all types of surroundings:

Perfect for improving the performance of a bar or restaurant, they are perfectly adapted to current regulations, offering the greatest possible comfort. With endless installation possibilities, it has a versatile and completely new system. Uniting the different elements, parts and modules; We get our custom awning.

What extras can we add to our awning for restaurants?

They allow a complete enclosure of the plot, terrace or sidewalk. It incorporates vertical awnings and perimeter windscreens that prevent the passage of cold and water. You can add extras such as ducting and drainage system, heating systems, infrared heaters for winter, water spraying, lighting and wiring …

toldos para patios
Pérgola con cristalera

Types of awnings for restaurants:

  • Pergolas for hospitality: The number 1 system and the most used. Customers choose it for its versatility for winter and summer. In addition, it can be installed with integral enclosure.
  • Pergolas CV with movable roof: Novel and modern design, where it is guaranteed that no water enters inside. This system includes movable roof, canvas or other material, which must be motorized. This type of pergolas is also combined with vertical awnings.
  • Awnings Chest: This system extends from the wall. It is a very used and useful awning for hospitality, being useful in summer and winter, but not waterproof
  • Extensible awning + Vertical Awning: The combination of this type of awnings is an alternative to the pergola, since the system is similar. It is not suitable for water
  • Roller Awnings: they are used to improve the spaces of tables or divisions of common areas.
  • Awnings for terraces: they are the stars of the hospitality since taking advantage of a good terrace in a restaurant is a great contribution to the business.

Advantages of the different awnings for hospitality:

  1. Versatile protection system, adapted to any type of surface
  2. Perfect to cover large spaces
  3. Possibility of adding extras and improvements
  4. There are many types of awnings in hospitality, so you will not have any problem with your installation.
Pérgola en forma tunel

Main features

  • Ideal for restaurant spaces
  • Satisfaction with customer demand, increasing space
  • Performance of spaces during the four seasons, with comfort and well-being
  • Novel systems and quality materials
  • You can add accessories and conditioning extras
  • Quick and easy cleaning.
  • Resistance to weather factors (sun, wind and rain) and fast drying. Sunscreen up to 90% ultraviolet light
  • Conditioning of terraces and spaces through pergolas, awnings, enclosures, parasols, umbrellas, tents
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