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Awnings Pools

Awnings, pergolas, pergorain for swimming pools.

Awnings for pergolas ideal for all types of surroundings:

If you want to have a good shade next to your pool and protect yourself from the sun, helping control the amount of light and lowering the temperature in the shade, Toldos Costa Blanca gives you the solution

The perfect complement for family and friends during the warmer months of the year. The awning not being fixed, we can disassemble and remove it when we want, that way the budget of installation is economical

Each space needs a different type of awning, so we give you these indications

Pérgola para patios
pérgolas para patio

Advantages in pool awnings:

  1. They will give a modern and fresh design to your pool area
  2. The triangular sun sails, the most used and avant-garde trend
  3. Thanks to the awning, you can create a totally new space next to the pool
  4. Economic, easy installation and practical when disassembling it.
  5. Designed designs to choose for our environment
  6. A creative solution for pools and backyards

Two ways to install it in our pool:

  1. Installation of an awning around our pool, to take the sun, rest, eat. In this way we are creating a new relaxation space
  2. Use it to cover the pool, giving shade and also preventing it from getting dirty
  3. Cover half of the pool, using an awning from the part of the shaded terrace extending to the middle of the pool or partially covering the shaded pool. It is an original and different idea to design your own environment
Pérgolas para patios

Awnings most used in pool areas:

  • Umbrellas: We start in designs based on umbrellas, for larger and with more innovative systems. We find parasols of 2 and 3 meters and double structure. These are the perfect complement par excellence for your pool environment
  • Triangular sun sails: The newest and trendiest in recent years. Easy installation, gives your particular pool area a unique avant-garde atmosphere, can choose where we want to make shade and the height of it
  • Box Awnings: Perfect if we have the house near the pool, since these are installed on the facade. Once
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