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Awnings for Beaches

Awnings, pergolas, pergorain for beaches.

The beach is one of the places where we can spend the most time and enjoy the sun. But we also want to protect ourselves from UV rays, so sometimes the cream is not enough and you need an awning or umbrella to shade it.

In addition, it has to be light, portable and resistant. They are an option and improve the umbrellas and being larger, they are perfect for family days and events on the beach

What beach awning to choose?

You should look for an awning in which the essential thing is that it is resistant against the wind and protects enough of the sun. Also secondarily we must look at the fact that the awning is resistant to rain, is foldable and can be assembled quickly. And finally we must take into account that it is economic and of quality.

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Most popular awning models:

  • Sun sail type awning (beach version)
  • Beach pergolas
  • Square awning out of fabric with an installation in tension
  • Tent awning
  • Umbrella

Advantages of the awnings for easy assembly and disassembly:

  • Their main use is fulfilled and is to generate shadow
  • With these awnings you can gather the whole family
  • Lightness, functionality and versatility
  • They can be transported without problems
  • Mainly made of nylon are totally resistant
  • Economic and easy to get

Why is a beach awning useful?

Not only is it useful for the sun, but for the adverse conditions of a lot of wind that drags the sand and sudden rains, being protected from ruining a day of enjoyment.

In addition, they can also be used in campsites, picnics, trips, events … thanks to its fast assembly.

All this type of awnings are available in a great variety of designs, systems and colors.

And best of all, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, so assembly is not heavy on arrival or

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