Awnings in Elche


At Toldos Costa Blanca, we are manufacturers and installers of awnings in the Elche area. We have more than 1000 m² dedicated to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of all types of awnings and enclosures.

We have a wide range of services and products to protect and improve homes and businesses, offering sun protection solutions. Light filtering and protection from the sun’s rays is our job, which is why we guarantee you with our products the greatest protection to enjoy the outdoors with maximum comfort.

The old town of Elche is the capital of the Bajo Vinalopó region of Alicante, which has a Muslim past that until now has been preserved in various buildings and architectures, demonstrating a totally unique environment with baroque splendor.

The town has a great variety of tourist centers that are not only important in the culture of the place, but have become part of the history of humanity and visited by thousands of people from all over the world.

The palm grove is considered a World Heritage Site and, together with its Palm Sunday and Elche Mystery festivities, are of international tourist interest, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Likewise, the renowned Festa d’Elx was chosen as a Masterpiece of Oral Heritage by UNESCO, noting the relevance of this town for human heritage in general.

On the other hand, its numerous natural parks, unique and delicious gastronomy and coastal towns of the Costa Blanca make Elche an impressive place of high value for Spain.

The number of visitors continues to increase in Elche, promoting the commercial development of the area, so new businesses continue to open their doors and, therefore, it is essential to have an environment that customers like and that serves to maintain the essence of Elche.

One of the popular recommendations today to create a harmonious and welcoming environment for tourists in local businesses is the implementation of awnings, and then we will mention the advantages that these elements have for your establishment.

Advantages of awnings for your business or home

There are numerous benefits with the installation of awnings for your home or premises and it is important that you know these points if you plan to carry out a renovation or improve the atmosphere of your place.

Take advantage of the space regardless of the time of year

The awnings provide protection and shelter every day of the year, as it protects from weather conditions such as sun, wind and rain, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor environment no matter what.

Improve air conditioning

In hot times like summer, awnings are a perfect air conditioning tool, as they serve to shade both people and the interior of the house or business, helping to maintain an ideal climate inside the place.


The types of awnings are very varied and, therefore, they have become an ideal decorative element to create a welcoming environment with great character. Also, an effective tool to promote your brand.

Palillery in Elche

The palillería is a type of awning that is manufactured for horizontal spaces that opens and closes and is excellent for terraces or spaces that protrude from a place, so they can be added to a room in a simple way.

Pergolas in Elche

Pergolas are another type of awning used a lot for home gardens, since they are structures made with wooden columns and a roof made of beams of the same material.

At the same time, hanging plants can be added to make this space more beautiful.

Awnings in Elche

There is no doubt that awnings have become elements that not only work for protection, but also as a method of decoration.

Models of awnings in Elche

Your vehicle deserves the best care. Rain, hail, tree resin, animals or frequent sun can deteriorate both the appearance and the functioning of your usual means of transport. Whether you have a car, motorcycle or simply a bicycle, it can suffer breakdowns and lose their value more quickly if they do not have adequate protection when they are outside. The deterioration of some pieces will be very likely due to temperature changes and long exposures to the sun. Also the paint and plastic elements of the vehicle can be affected.
It is a vertical drop awning system. It can have a transparent plastic window and this in turn can have a checkered print giving it a more elegant appearance. Its use can be combined to obtain different types of environment: The winter one, ideal to close a space and allow its use either to install a small dining room or a small living room. Since it protects against inclement weather, it also allows light to enter, turning the enclosed space into a pleasant environment. The summer, ideal to establish a space of intimacy.
Do you need to give shade and privacy to your corners? Balcony awnings are a great solution. Installing it will keep the shadow stable always where we want it to be, or we will make it fully adaptable to the sun’sschedule automatically. Separating the interior from the exterior of the house will be an advantage. An awning installed on a balcony will give it spaciousness and increase the utility of that space that is so often wasted, creating a new place full of life in your home. The style, material and quality of the awning will depend on the environment we want to create. Thanks to the variety of options, colors and finishes available in Toldos Costablanca you will be able to create multi-purpose spaces that are personalized and charming. Taking into account the guidelines of the neighborhood community or your own preferences in some cases, we will adjust it to the exterior structure of the building without damaging its aesthetics. In addition, it will be integrated into the facade covering the individual needs of your home. Depending on the chosen textile, we can also filter sunlight and ultraviolet rays, enjoying a lower temperature in an outdoor environment such as balconies.
If you are looking for inspiration to decorate the window of your business, at Toldos Costa Blanca we will find the solution. We will give you the advice you need so that you save time andenergy and obtain the result you expect. Awnings for shop windows are ideal for shops, hotels, restaurants and any other commercial premises.

Costa Blanca

These are just some of the examples of awnings that we can manufacture in our workshop, we make any type of awning, whether to install on windows, swimming pools or terraces. Both for individuals and businesses. We design and adapt each of the works we carry out to the needs of our clients. To create comfortable outdoor spaces that will improve your quality of life, while increasing the value of your home or business.

We are the only company that installs awnings in Alicante and has the ISO quality certification. All our awnings are accompanied by a guarantee that is delivered in writing once the installation is done.

If you need an awning company in Alicante, you can contact us, we will advise you and provide the best sun protection solution for both your home and your business.