Automatic Awnings

Automatic awnings for terraces and windows

If we have in our house, garden or terrace we should think of some method to enjoy the good weather. Also, in restaurants and bars, if they do not have shade, in most cases they are left unused.

The most used in both cases are the pergolas and box awnings.

But what exactly are the automatic awnings?

Automated systems operate without the need to be present or operated by a person. This option may be the most comfortable and effective compared to other systems. Without being in the house, we have the security and confidence that the awnings go up and down. They can be used in all types of homes and establishments, benefiting from their characteristics.

What other add-ons can I add?

You can add a sensor mechanism of light, wind or rain, that way, the mechanism itself, will determine if it is necessary to lower or raise the awning.

What are the objectives of automated awnings?

Its main objective is to ensure optimal performance and increase the safety of any person.

Advantages of automated

  • Comfort: You can activate it with a button or program it.
  • Domotics applied to awnings that facilitates a greater user experience
  • Security, for the elderly or with mobility problems
  •  Better maintenance, the fabric can be cleaned manually with soap and water
  • Saving energy, regarding air conditioning. The automated awning consumes only energy when the motor is running.
  •  Contamination zero
  • Comfortable programming in the hottest hours.