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Toldos Costa Blanca sales team can advise you on the best sun protection solution to enjoy the open spaces of your home or business. Do not hesitate and ask us for a free estimate

With + than 40 years

as manufacturers and installers of awnings

Toldos Costa Blanca, we are manufacturers and installers of awnings in Alicante and province. More than 40 years of experience dedicated to sun protection and awnings guarantee us.

We have more than 1,000 m2 dedicated to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of all types of awnings, tensioned sail awnings, pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas.

The VISION of Toldos Costa Blanca is to be a leader in sun protection in Alicante.

The MISSION  is to offer customers sun protection solutions for their home and business. Protect from the sun and filter light creating a pleasant environment to enjoy the outdoors with maximum comfort offering top quality products, exclusive design and always respecting the need of our client.

We offer a wide range of products that, in addition to protecting your home or business from the sun’s rays, will provide you with great energy savings: sails, palillerias, pergola, curtain, awnings, hoods, stor arm awnings, invisible arms, box awnings, tunnels, upholstery and all kinds of awnings for enclosures of terraces, penthouses  and restaurants.

Being manufacturers and installers we can guarantee the highest quality and correct installation.

We have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification that requires us and allows us to work with internationally recognized suppliers that provide us with the highest quality materials. The techniques used to manufacture our awnings, pergolas, etc., the composition of the canvas and the complete preparation of the awning, as well as its correct installation by our professionals, are the maximum guarantee of quality. We are sure that whatever awning or pergola project you have, we can attend to it quickly and satisfactorily.

Our OBJECTIVE is the satisfaction of our customers, for which we have specialized machinery and tools for the awning sector, state of the art, top quality materials and a team of technical professionals who will be in charge of designing the best personalized sun protection solution to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

The only company in the awning sector in Alicante that has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, certifying all its facilities to offer you the greatest security and peace of mind. We provide the guarantee in writing.
All Toldos Costa Blanca products are manufactured and installed in compliance with the guidelines established by the European safety regulations UNE EN 13561.


At Toldos Costa Blanca commitment to our clients, which is why all our awnings have a certified quality guaranteed and we deliver it in writing at the end of the work.

This guarantee and user manual incorporates a customer evaluation where you can express your opinions about the commercial that has attended you and the installers that have installed it.

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  • Optimal advice by professionals in the sector.
  • Monitoring and customer satisfaction survey.
  • Manufacturing and installation quality control.
  • Study, realization and free estimate.
  • Guaranteed and certified installation.
  • After sale service.

Our goal is the satisfaction of all our customers, we work to offer the best products and personalized solutions offering products with an innovative design, maximum quality and with an unbeatable value for money.

We have an R&D team that is constantly working to develop new products, bring new improvements and apply them to our production and installation system.
We incorporate advanced technology products to protect your environment and obtain safe shade from harmful UV rays. Installing an awning on your window or balcony can provide you with significant savings on your electricity bill and can also help you obtain the home’s energy certificate, which is necessary to rent or sell the property.

Our products are specially designed for sun protection and have a careful design. Fabrics studied to block more than 97% of ultraviolet rays and thus get to enjoy the sun.
Get more leisure space protected from inclement weather for better enjoyment outdoors.

With a well-designed installation we gain outdoor space, expanding the habitable meters to enjoy outdoor space with maximum comfort.

Vertical awnings for glass buildings help create welcoming and comfortable areas where you can enjoy an intimate and private space.

Our traps suppress up to 95% of glare and heat and protect up to 87% of UV rays.