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Awnings for Balconies

Awnings, pergolas and pergorain for Balconies.

The current models of awnings allow you to transform the covered surface of your small or large balcony into living spaces, thanks to the variety of design options, fabrics and finishes to match your balcony style.

For this reason you should also know that, by separating the inside from the outside of the home, an awning manages to give a new use to the space, which is sometimes wasted.

Depending on the style and material, your balcony will transmit a different atmosphere, making each model to measure.

Toldo para terraza
Toldo para terrazas

Advantages of installing an awning on our balcony:

  • Great balcony protection against time
  • Protection against rain and UV rays, keeping the temperature
  • Some models of awning can be completely vertical, giving greater protection and security to the balcony.
  • It will be one more space that you will use in your house
  • The box awnings are the most used to generate an additional outdoor space

Awnings most used for balconies:

  • Extensible Awnings: Perfect to be mounted on protruding roofs, providing shadow in hollows, narrow terraces or balconies with great depth
  • Box Awnings: Installing on the wall or ceiling, allows to mount the box on a flat and compact surface on terraces and balconies with limited space providing shade and protection from the sun’s rays
  • Semi Box Awnings: They offer the same protection as the box, but when rolled up the tube remains in sight. It is perfectly suitable against the sun and the eyes of neighbors, being suitable for terraces and balconies of great depth
Toldo vertical

Can these awnings be adapted to any balcony?

They adapt to any balcony without problem, since these awnings can be ordered to the exact measurement of the balcony, reason why one can be made for each side of the balcony. In addition, different awnings can be combined to completely cover a balcony in case it is quite long.

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